Chapter 93: It Burns!

Welcome back for another FANTABULOUS Food Family update!  Let’s get started!

First thing to notice is the house is on fire.


BonBon: Ugh! I am so tired of all this DRAMA!

Edamame: Tell me about it.  One thing after another starting with-

Frittata: YOU!  It all started with you!  Edamame, Queen of Drama!

Edamame: Queen you say?  I like the sound of that.

Lox was the only one to get with the program and whip out a fire extinguisher.


Peach: I’m so hungry.  Save the burgers!

Turns out Miller farted on a match and that is what started the blaze.


Mango: Peachy-babe, you’re dad farted on a match and set the grill on fire!  You have got to stop making him drinks!

Peach: But I only make him Shirley Temples.  I don’t know where he’s getting the alcohol.

Edamame: Riiiiight.  Like we all believe that.

Frittata: *sniff, sniff, sob*

Edamame: What is her deal?  Are you finally going through your change?

Leave her alone, Edamame.  This is a tough chapter for her.

Around this time I received pop ups telling me Starla and Andie have become vampires!



I’m borrowing vampire rules from The Boudreaux Legacy. When a sim becomes a vampire I will return them to the beginning of the Young Adult stage. Deviouslyvivid kills her vampires when they are defeated by a slayer. I chose to let my mod do all of this. I changed my mod to allow death options. I am excited to see what happens!

Edamame: It’s time to move when THEIR kind moves into town.

Frittata: Racist much?

Edamame: *creepy whisper* Don’t invite them in…

Somehow I missed Lox’s prom notification and he went in this everyday clothes. He had a tux and didn’t wear it.


I don’t know how it went from being so good to so bad… Who was this crush by the way? I would love to put a flaming bag of poo on their doorstep.

Peach was invited to a party over at Tamra Food’s house. Tamra is one of the twins Anise had with Budweiser.


Noticing there was no bar to make drinks at Peach decided to sing Ping and His Checkers. Tamra did not approve and Peach left soon after.

Miller thought it would probably be a better idea to teach lox to drive.  But first he decided to retire (he had reached his LTW).


Everyone: *claps unexcitedly* Yay.

Then he needed to celebrate with a drink.


Edamame: *groans*  Alcoholic.

Frittata: Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!!

Edamame: Do you see how she treats me?  I don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

Then Lox drove himself to school.  He maxed the driving skill on the way there.  That was surprisingly fast.  Along the way Miller imparted with his vast knowledge about driving.


Miller: Make sure you brushhh yer teeth before you drive.  *burp*  You don’ wanna shmell like al*hic*ahol.

Lox: Okay, Dad.  Thanks…

Miller: Keep ‘er shraight.  You don’ wanna get pulled o*hic*er.  *buuuurp*

Instead of going home after dropping Lox off Miller went to the local dive bar for another celebratory drink.

Edamame: Or twenty.

Frittata: Stop talking about Miller. STOP!

Edamame: You need to ask Strawberry to write you a prescription for some happy pills.


Andie is pregnant!


Lynn and Brandie Food finally realized they are cousins and broke up. The real tragedy here is the children…

Edamame: I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them turns to Vampirism.

Frittata: Oh, give it a rest!

After losing track of time Miller finally decided to go home.  I don’t know how this happened.


Edamame: I can tell you exactly how that happened.

Frittata: He saw a deer.  Miller saw a deer, he swerved to avoid it and…that happened…

Nice try, but Pets isn’t out yet.

Hearing the crash, Mango came out to see if Miller was alright.


Suddenly a fire broke out!


Edamame: WHOA, how did Miller go through the floorboard?

Frittata: *wails*



The family started to gather.


Miller: Someone!  PULL ME OUT!


Steak: Get out already.  I’m starving!

Lox broke out his fire extinguisher and tried to be a hero.


Edamame: Is his eyeball popping out?

It was starting to get dark and still the fire burned.


Finally the Fire Department showed up and that’s when all hell broke loose.


Miller somehow popped out of the truck still on fire.  He just kept burning and burning and burning.


Edamame: Well, he could have done that the whole time!  Was he just looking for some attention?

Frittata: *sobs*

No one could interact with him!  He was still burning and screaming and no one could put him out!


In the end it wasn’t the fire that did him in, but starvation.  And that D-Bag Fireman just watched Miller burn.


Miller: I’m so tired.  I think I’ll just take a nap right here.

Edamame: *tries to speak*


Edamame: Will you shut up!

Frittata: *silence*

Edamame: I hope this had taught you a lesson.  You’re messing with lives here.  It’s all fun and games until you murder someone!

Yes, Edamame, I am sorry I tried to spice up my legacy!  It cost me one of my favorite sims.

Edamame: I was the other one wasn’t I?

RIP Miller.  You will be missed.


After Miller died this bastard laughed.


Frittata: You should kill him.

Edamame: Whoa, someone has a taste for blood. Have you been hanging around with Starla and Andie?

During the whole Miller barbeque thing Bella gave birth to a baby girl.



Immediately after Laura’s birth Patriot and Bella divorced.


Then Bella went and killed Starla!  SHE KILLED STARLA!!!!

In the wee hours of the morning Peach went into labor.  She woke in bed next to her brother.  Weird.


Peach and Lox: DADDY!!!!

Edamame: I have suspicions that something is going on there.

Frittata: Really?  Didn’t Barley and Jello once share a bed?

Edamame: I have no idea who this Jello person you speak of is.

Peach came home from the hospital with a baby girl I named Wasabi.  I rolled a W and drew a blank.  Wasabi was the only thing I could think of.  Her traits are Loner and Couch Potato.  With traits like those, she will apparently never leave the house.


Edamame: Look another pink baby!  Miller would have been so proud!

Frittata: *sobs*

Edamame: What?  Was it something I said?

It was KoolAid’s birthday so Grandma Frittata brought him to the cake.


After KoolAid blew out the candles Frittata changed into her mourning outfit.


Frittata: My dress is as black as the hole in my heart.

Edamame: Oh please!  You know I had a husband that died and I didn’t carry on like you are.

Um.  Edamame, you died before Donut.

Edamame: I’m trying to make a point here.  Jeez!

Before I forget here is KoolAid.


KoolAid: OHYEAH!

Lox has been spending a lot of time at the bar.  No he’s not following in his father’s footsteps (I hope).  He’s become fond of the bartender there.  Her name is Megan Montgomery and she is the sim my sister in-law left in my “care.”


I was surprised to see her bartending.  I had planned to add her into the game after Lox birthdayed, but I can work with this.  I will however save her real introduction for later.

While Lox was cutting it up on the dance floor (Carlton style) My simself’s husband and daughter, Raina showed up.  Turns out Raina is really pretty!


BonBon seems to have a bit of a crush on her brother in-law, Mango.


BonBon: *sigh*

Edamame: Oh no.  Please do not become another Sundae.

And now I’ve run out of pictures so here’s some more of what’s happened around town:


Sabrina and Derrick moved into a new house.  I’m happy to see they are still living together.  Hopefully this house is far away from Sabrina’s elderly boyfriend.


The absolute nerve of Andie to hog her husband like that!


Andie and Thor have a baby boy!


Joann Britt, Brennan’s ex-wife (told you she wasn’t dead) took a ride on the Leroymobile.

And that’s all I have for this one.  Thanks for reading and happy simming everyone!


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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22 Responses to Chapter 93: It Burns!

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  2. missmiserie says:

    NOOoOooOooo! Not Miller D: D: D: I somehow suspected that this would happen! SOB!! (BTW, I’ve had had a sim glitch while on fire and no one could interact with them (surprisingly it wasn’t Mt. Dew or Leroy, it was Sinbad) I had to reset him 80 or 90 times for anyone to notice that he was burning, it sucked.)

    Here’s to Laura taking more after Tater than Dewie. And Bella to stop killing simselves.

    Here’s to Wasabi being as cute of a toddler as Koolaid. Because Wasabi tastes horrible.

    • skehrer says:

      WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!? I never once thought of resetting Miller! Too late now! 😦
      I can’t wait to see how Laura turns out. I hope she takes after he father. Or maybe she will become a vampire just to spite her mother. >:)
      I need to have an heir vote soon. Peach keeps filling the house with children and if she isn’t my heir I need to make room for those who are.
      I’m getting so many glitches now. I’ve been thinking of moving the family again, but I would rather wait for Pets to come out. Really I would rather just hold out the next couple generations and start fresh with the Uglacy (which I am planning for Twinbrook).

      • missmiserie says:

        I was just thinking that if I had never shown you that truck, this wouldn’t have happened and Miller wouldn’t have died… Oh no, I indirectly killed my favorite Food sim! T_T

      • skehrer says:

        I’m sorry your favorite and is now gone! I am letting his ghost hang around the house though; Edamame is going to be pissed!

  3. Oh, Twinbrook would be great for an Uglacy!

    Yipes! Um, pardon the uneducated question, but can cars really crash now in the game? If a teen sim doesn’t learn to drive, say, and is clumsy, can they really wreck? Or was that a rather skillful job of moveObjects on? Anyway, my sympathies.

    • skehrer says:

      Oh no, missmiserie from The Southern Prettacy sent me this link to an overturned car. Once I saw it, I had to have it. As far as I know sims can not get into accidents – although that would be great! Thanks for the list of W food (I do like Whole Foods). I’m making myself a list of names so I don’t run into this problem again. I’m warming up to Wasabi as a name. I was having a hard time focusing last night. Probably why I never thought of resetting Miller too.

  4. P.S. Watermelon, Whole (get it? Whole Foods?), Whiskey, Wedding Cake, Walnut, Wrigley (like the gum).

  5. uggles says:

    Worcestershire! You could give them a monocle, a top hat and a fancy British accent 😀

    You’re going to do an Uglacy in Twinbrook? Eeee! Can’t wait to read that one too! 😀 Will you make their pets ugly as well, to match the owners?

    This chapter was like a train wreck, omg. Poor Miller 😦 he didn’t deserve to go in a flaming wreck of vehicular fail 😦

    Koolaid’s shirt made me laugh, OHYEAH!

    • skehrer says:

      Worcestershire would have been awesome! Maybe I’ll have a butler and rename him that.
      I love the idea of making ugly pets along side ugly sims!!!! It must be done!
      I made KoolAid that shirt for each age stage. it’s all he will ever wear!

  6. Senny Paine says:

    Whataburger. I had that two nights ago, SO GOOD. So bad for me. I liked this chapter!!
    I had a baby on my lap while reading it! because a baby passed out on me and there’s nothing I can dooo =(

  7. Elocine says:

    I’ve been reading this on my downtime for WEEKS (which is why I’m completely ignoring my own legacy atm, lol!) and I’m finally caught up! I just wanted to say that I really love this legacy so far! I originally planned on telling you who my favorite family member was, etc., but I really don’t think you want a list at this point. You’re awesome!

  8. Gargantua says:

    Oh noes! Not Miller! Ah well, at least I still have Mango to drool over. And I have to applaud you for giving him a very appropriate way to day. And even though we are sad to see him go, at least we can be happy in the knowledge that he died without being dumped in the slammer for driving while under the influence. Cause we all know it was only a matter of time.

    You totally taught me something today. I didn’t know the mod had a death option for the vampires/slayers. Is that a tunable thing I can find over at Twallan’s house of wonderfulness? I like the concept in The Boudreaux legacy, but I’m too lazy to hunt down every vamp conversion. I had a lot of them until Amanda told me how to adjust the occult ratio in the town. What can I say? I’m slow.

    As to ‘W’ names, I’m partial to Whiskey – mainly because I have a miniature schnauzer of the same name. 🙂 She certainly is a little shot of something.

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you so much. I will miss Miller, I enjoyed spelling his drunk dialogue.
      If you already have the Vampires and Slayers installed then after you allow for deaths it should all take care of itself.
      To get there select: NRass > Story Progression > General Options > Options: Deaths. Once there change Allow Push Death to TRUE.
      I also changed Allow Push Teen Death to true and chanced the Push Death change to 65. My town is so full of Foods, I am hoping this will get rid a some a lot of them!
      I also changed my occult ratio to 25, hopefully that will serve me well.
      I found this in the Story Progression FAQ:

      Leaders of clans cannot be slayed, ensuring that the battle will continue even if the slayers end up turning the tide and defeating everyone else in town.

      And this about the death scenarios:

      Since it is the Personality scenarios that perform the various Death inducing actions, the “Death \ Allow Push Death” option is only available when you have one of those optional modules installed, and by default is “False”.
      Once the option is active, whenever a Death inducing scenario fires, such as an Arson, or Smash scenario, there is a chance for the target sim to be sent to the hospital as part of the story.
      Once at the hospital, the “Deaths \ Push Death Chance” option defines the random chance that the sim will die as a result of their injury.

      Whiskey would have been an awesome name for one of Miller’s children!!! i love that you named your dog that.

  9. StyxLady says:

    Awww, Miller! That was crazy…but I guess that’s what he gets for driving drunk. Even Sims aren’t safe!

    I love Kool-Aid. And OMG did you make his shirt? It’s epic. I’m very amused by the vampire shenanigans…I may need to download that mod.

    And hooray, since I’m behind, I don’t have to wait for the next update! Onward..

    • skehrer says:

      You’re not behind anymore! I JUST posted chapter 94 today! you can vote for the next heir!
      Yes I did make Kool Aid’s shirt, he has one for each age. i can putt hem up if your interested. My very first shirt please don’t expect it to be perfect.
      I lovelovelovelovelove Twallan’s Story Progression and all the personalities are great. Your game performance does take a hit though.
      I am still working my way through your Heros and Villains!

      • StyxLady says:

        Yes, please put the shirts up! I know someone who is starting a legacy with a Kool Aid theme, and those would just be PERFECT for her!

        I have most of Twallan’s mods, and totally love them! I just wasn’t sure about that particular one…but it looks very fun, so I might try it out.

        Oh, I hope you’re enjoying HV! I’m working on this week’s post as we speak. 🙂

      • skehrer says:

        Here are the Kool Aid shirts: Toddler, Chid, Teen, YA/Adult, Elder (all male, toddler may be unisex). There are two versions of the shirt one with the black face and one with a white face.

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