Chapter 94: The Bachelor

No, your eyes do not deceive you this is another Food Family Legacy update!!!  Get ready because at the end of this one we’re going to have an heir poll!


First thing to note as we visit the Food is…

Edamame: Oh no, she pregnant again!

Frittata: Yay, more grandbabies!

Edamame: I guess that’s all you have left to do since the drunk is dead.


No way, Frittata is living it up. She’s going to a ton of parties. One of which was thrown by the town gigolo, Leroy Secksie.  Turns out it was a porch party, which really cramped Frittata’s style.  She was clearly over dressed and left in a hurry.  Two of my simself’s children were there.  From what I understand Erica (in the red shirt) brought the jell-o and George (behind Leroy) brought the 40s

Edamame: JELLO?!?!

Chick to the left: Yesssss!  This is my chance to get Leroy drunk!


On a side note, Raina and George apparently hate each other.  I have a good mind to go over there and make them hug it out.

Edamame: Your simfamily is such trash.

Bite me.


At the same time I sent Steak to crash a party I noticed was happening at Juice’s house.  When Steak knocked on the door the power suddenly went out and the house fell silent. 

Steak: Hey, I can hear you in there!

Edamame: I wish I could have forgotten Jello at the park then gone home and turned out the lights.  Maybe then my life would not have been so very very tragic.

Frittata: Oh please, the only thing that is tragic about you is your constant need for attention.

Edamame: You’re a bitter old woman.

Frittata: You are a bitter dead woman!


Speaking of the dead, Miller had made his first appearance.

Edamame: WHAAAAT!  Why does he get to stick around, but I had to go into the family inventory!

Because I don’t like you very much, Edamame.


Yay, another point!


I can not remember her name, but the maid showed up without her uniform.  Maybe she forgot she has a contractual obligation to wear it at all times while on the Legacy Lot.  Is that so unreasonable?  Maybe she decided to wear this because of Miller’s funeral?

Edamame: Miller got a funeral?  You do like him more than me!

Yeah, I did.

Frittata: Me too.


Frittata cried to Strawberry the entire time.  I still have no gnome babies. Why?  Do I have to find two gnomes like Lincoln?  Is there no inter-gnome breeding? 


The party was going no where and I eventually forgot I was having a funeral for Miller.  So Miller’s funeral became a birthday party for Kix and Wasabi.  I know…I feel shame.

Well dressed maid: TOOOOOOOT!

Mango: Quickly, Kixy, let’s blow out the candle before Grandma sees.

Edamame: You have no heart.

We discussed this before.  I believe you are the one without a heart.


Elvira Slayer decided she’s spent enough time sizzling in the sun with the Food and left for home.  She recently had a baby, I have yet to see if said child is a vampire.


Kix sparkled into some sort of monster.  My daughter saw this and freaked!  “Something’s wong with that garl!” 

Edamame: Ugh, does your daughter have a speech impediment?

She’s four. 

Edamame: You probably just tell her that so she feel better about herself.

Yeah, that’s it.


She finally popped and I randomly rolled grumpy.  So now she’s a forgetful couch potato with a bad attitude.  Perfect.

Kix: This cake depresses me.  It’s bright cheery colors mock me.

Edamame: Oh, yay for Debbie Downer!

Frittata: I would be depressed if I had my birthday during a funeral too.


Then Raspberry went and stuck her hand in the grill and wondered why it hurt. 

Frittata: Has she run out of her happy pills?

Edamame: She’s probably slipping them into Brennan’s meals.


Raspberry and Brennan just had a daughter!  If you check out Raspberry’s profile I put information on her relationship with her men and children.  Scary stuff.


Frittata tried to join the festivities and brought Wasabi to her cake.  She sobbed and wailed the entire time. It was like a tsunami hit the cake when she blew out the candle.  Everyone ate Kix’s cake instead.  Good call.

Edamame: Disgusting.  Have a little dignity.

Frittata: There is nothing wrong with grief.

Edamame: But there is something incredibly wrong with slobbering all over your grandchild’s cake.


Wasabi: WAAA!  Who put me on the other side of the wall!  I want food.  I want sleep.  I’m lonely.  I WANT A NEW DIAPER!

Edamame: I hate cry babies.

Frittata: to reiterate, you are heartless.


Elder Juice derped in the hall.

Juice: Can’t read my.  Can’t read my.  No he can’t read my poker face.

Edamame: He looks like Kung Pao.


My simself’s husband laughed at him.


Elder Rob died later so I think Juice may had the last laugh.


The funeral was over by the time I got around to caking Lox. He was just happy he didn’t have to go to school the next day.

Lox: Birthday wishes do come true!

Lox randomly rolled Green Thumb.  Looks like I can start on the garden again. Or not, I have so much produce!


He looks a lot like Miller. 

Edamame: Yeah, minus the whole facial features thing.  Why did you have his birthday outside in the dark?

BTW he now want to be a Firefighter Super Hero, maybe he wants to be able to save others from burning car wrecks?


Kix: This cold toilet seat mocks me.


The first thing Lox rolls as an adult.  Really?  Skinny dipping with your sister?  I think not.

Edamame: You have done this to this family.


Edamame: Yes.  This never would have happened if you hadn’t let Kit Kat marry her brother!

Frittata: That again?


I forgot to mention Jasmine Rice was at the party.  Still being forced to be a boy.

Frittata: I worry about her.  I hope this doesn’t have any ill effects on her later.

Edamame: That sounds strangely like foreshadowing…


Do you see that?

Edamame: Where?


That right there!

Edamame: Is that an ant?

Frittata: Moron, have you ever seen an ant that size?

Edamame: Pardon, is it a moose?

Frittata: Bitch.


That’s Frittata.  I sent to off to another party and she instead decided to take a nap on the sidewalk.  I have no idea how long she was there because I was busy with other members of the family.

Frittata: It was a while.  I woke up with a snail on my face.

Edamame: *freaks out*

Frittata: What it wasn’t your face.

Edamame: But now I can feel it. I have a vivid imagination.

Frittata: *feigns disbelief* No.

Frittata missed her party, so I sent her on another mission.


I’ve been trying to play cupid without using Master Controller.  And now that Sabrina has broken it off with her poofy-haired older man I thought this was my chance!  Derrick was already visiting, but she resisted all attempts to get her to the legacy house.

Sabrina: Do you have to yawn that loud?

Edamame: That guy is ugly.  You’re not trying to hook them up are you?


Frittata paid a late night visit to the Kelly/Jolina house.  Frittata switched on the stereo hoping to set the mood.  The kid’s channel started playing, Derrick gave a long forlorn wail and cried into his hands.  Must have brought back some twin party memories.

Sabrina: Thank you so much for putting your nose into our business, but as you can see Derrick is working through some issues.  Now please leave.

Fritttata: That didn’t go well.


Baby time!

Edamame: Please tell me this is the last one.

Edamame: Please?



I sent Peach and Mango off to the hospital.  While there Derrick hooked up with Joann Britt, Brennan’s ex-wife.  Perhaps Sabrina needs to stop playing hard to get?


Peach and Mango finally returned home with their little bundle.  I rolled L and named the baby Lettuce.  Traits: Loner and Light sleeper.  I guess she gets a room all to herself then.


It was time for Lox to graduate!  The whole family (10 sims) crammed into the truck (a two-seater) and drove to City Hall.  It took forever!

Edamame: I’d hate to see the seating chart for that trip.  On a happier note, at least Miller wasn’t driving.  He could have ended the legacy.

Frittata: You shut your mouth about my Miller!


Finally it was all over.


Wait, this isn’t a Family Man Challenge!  It took so long that all the children were unhappy and


All the adults were starving!  Fail EA, fail.


Strawberry was there holding a clinic, I guess.  This is Lucinda Betts (Kit Kat’s great granddaughter).  From the looks of it she was jumped by Pick Porkers.  Strawberry reset her arm and she went home happy and spreading the word about Peace and Chicken Grease.

Edamame: What the hell is that?

It’s politics, Edamame.  You’ll hear more about that once I get off my lazy but and build a mini-hacienda for the Stormcallers.

Edamame: You’re lazy.  You have no ambition, unlike me.  I made something of my life.

Frittata: Yeah, you wrote the book on how to be a bitch.

No I think that was Donut.

Edamame: Steaming mad


As I was trying to get the family home from City Hall Peach and Mango decided to tour City Hall Wilde-style…  WTH is with them all piling into the same car for the trip to City Hall, but going home they can’t manage to organize the same way?  Bon Bon and Kix took the subway home.  Lox was solo in the car.  Frittata took her scooter.


Steak was going to walk Wasabi home in the stroller, but the Pick Porkers noticed her Chicken Grease shirt and jumped Steak.  There was no way he could push a stroller with what they did to him.  Thor just sat there playing his drums; he must be a Pick Porker.

Edamame: Whoa, those Pick Porkers are vicious!


Lox didn’t go home after graduation.  He went to the bar so he could talk to Megan again.  Interactions with her were frustratingly limited while she was bartending.  Lox called his sister to come bartend for a while so he could get his mack on.

Megan: *crazy face*


It worked like a charm, for about an hour (a sim hour).  I had to keep tellogn Peach to bartend because she wanted to stop.  Finally I just used Master Controller to change Megan’s job to Music.  She wants to be a Rock Star.


Oh look Chad Creeper showed up.  He’s a vampire now, perhaps to settle the score with Bella? 


Speaking of Bella, she also killed Andie.  Murdering tramp!

Edamame: I don’t know who these people are.  So when you’re finished feel free to talk about me again.


I got a notice that Jasmine Rice grew up.  Clearly she isn’t wearing boy’s clothing anymore…

Frittata: I knew this would happen!  She needs guidance.

Edamame: And now you sound like Nutmeg.


Back at The Grind Megan changed into her everyday clothes and took off.  Lox watched her go.

Lox: That’s a nice backside.

Megan: Is ‘he watchin’?  I hope he’s watchin’.  *swishes hips*

Edamame: That’s not how you snag a man.

Frittata: How do you suggest?  Get him drunk and pretend to be pregnant?

Edamame: No, drug him and lock him in the basement!

Okay!  Stop fighting before I make you hug and kiss like I do with my girls.

Edamame: Right, you saw what she did to that cake.  I’m not kissing her.


I found my simself out over by the market. 

Edamame: Wearing white after Labor Day!  The nerve!

Frittata: Giver her a break, her husband just died.

Edamame: Then she should be wearing black.  If Donut had died first I would have lived out the rest of my days in dark colors just has Queen Victoria had.  *puts back of hand to forehead*


I have so many sims in the house now I find it hard to pay attention to all of them.  Poor Frittata keeps passing out.

Miller: *gasp* Oh noes!

Mango: A ghost!  *gasp* My heart!

Edamame: Good to see she’s picking up where her husband left off.


Now that Megan has a new job Lox was able to finally get her to the house.  Have I mentioned yet that Megan speaks with a New York accent (a mix of Bronx and Long Island)?  In honor of my sister in-law who was living in New York city at the time she left her sim in my care.  Megan also loves Hello Kitty.  LOOOOOVES.

Megan: Lowx!  I gawt this new jowb and now I have awl this free toym! Oh Plumbawb!  I’m also making a a ton muah money!

Edamame: *groans*


I spammed the social interactions until they were more than friendly with each other.

Edamame: What’s that on her wrist?  I can’t…quite…tell what it is.

Oh, that’s a Hello Kitty tattoo.  BTW, if anyone knows where I can download more Hello Kitty stuff, please leave me a link!


They kisses and Lox asked her to go steady.

Megan: Plumbawb!  Of cowrse I’ll be yer gelfriend.  Plumbawb!  This is yoooge!  I need to tell my mom.

Frittata: Poor Lox.

Edamame: Maybe he should have locked her in the basement.  Worked for Raspberry.


And *poof* she disappeared!  Not just from the lot, she disappeared from the town.  She was no longer in Lox’s friends list and all his wants for her vanished.   Crap!!!

Poofy-Haired Man Maid: Haha, looser!

Edamame: Like he even has a chance at running for heir.  No one cares about him.

But he looks so much like Miller and we haven’t had a male heir since Barley!

Edamame: Because Barley was perfect! 


Sooooo I took the copy of her from the bin and plopped her onto an empty lot in town.  Seriously, it’s empty, there’s no house.  She’s going to be roughing in it for a couple nights.  Used Master Controler to make them friends and I had her visit the legacy house again.  Lox worked on chipping away her tough New York exterior so he could get to the squishy middle.  Ew.


In no time Megan was putty in Lox’s hands.

Lox: These are for you!

Megan: PLUMBAWB!  Oh Plumbawb!


After that getting into her pants heart was easy.  He does look like Miller, after all.


Then she pulled this seriously scary face and I wondered if maybe she was one of those aliens that Bella’s been looking for.


Frittata: Do you think she has vampire tendencies?

I don’t think so, I have that planned for another.

Edamame: You’re letting their kind in this legacy!?!


Lox and Megan were calling attention to themselves.

Paparazzi: Kiss ‘er.  Kiss ‘er.  Kiss ‘er.

Megan: Back awf befoah I shove that camera down yeh throat!


Finally Lox got down on one knee and proposed.

Megan: PLUMBAWB!  Es that a Hellow Ketty Ring?


She said yes.  And Lox was happy because she didn’t disappear this time.

Megan: Plaumbawb, I can’ believe et!

I would have had them marry right there, but Lox rolled a wish to have a bachelor party!

Edamame: He better not ruin the good thing he’s got happening by sleeping with some nasty stripper.

Frittata: So you like Megan?

Edamame: I’m saving my judgment for later.

Edamame, how unlike you.


On the other side of town Bella and Patriot are having another baby.  Aren’t they divorced?


I guess I missed that pop up then.  I’m hoping for some good looking Seckie offspring.


The party was off to a slow start.  The most exciting thing that happened was Lox’s outfit and this group picture.

Lox: Hey, Thor, thanks for coming to my party.

Thor: Hey, Thor is here for the ladies.  Only the ladies.


Then the dancers were beamed down from the mothership and the party really got started!

Edamame: Okay, I’m done.  Call me back when the aliens are gone.


Geico enjoyed the show.


As did Derrick.

Derrick: WOOOOOOO!  Hot dancing alien chicks!


Lox pulled out the bubbly and sprayed it all over his best friend Markus Copeland.  He was the firefighter that let Miller die.  I love Pat’s camo suit with the hunter orange shirt!


Leroy: Hey ladies, what do ye say I give ye the two fer one deal?

Alien Dancer 1: You don’t have the gears to get with us.


Seeing as Derrick is at the house for the party I had Frittata invite Sabrina over hoping I could have Derrick or her “convinced” to start something together. 

Frittata: Sabrina declined the invite because “something came up.” 

I can see how a night sitting by yourself on a bench would be more entertaining…

Edamame: Have you ever thought that maybe she just doesn’t want to be your friend?

Frittata: You’re just jealous because we have important people in town and there was no one here in your day.


Markus gave a toast which no one listened to.  I guess Britney Spears Toxic was playing because Chad couldn’t get it out of his head.


Then Chad noticed Juice was doing that red glowy thing and took off like a rocket!


Derrick was crying because Leroy scared the dancers away…  and Joann Britt died just before the party started.


As much as I don’t like Markus for letting Miller die, these two are so cute together.  If only I allowed for same sex babies… But I don’t and Lox wants to run for heir so he must get married.


More dancing!  And look I forgot it was Bon Bon’s birthday.  Oops!


How embarrassing she grew up in her underwear.

Lox: Sis, cover yourself!

Mango: *Looks away*

Lynn Food: I…  I gotta be in the other room.

Leroy Secksie: *is not afraid to stare*  Hehe, yeah…

Edamame: she’s probably feeling the pressure to find a mate.  You’re having the heir vote so she need to have a man lined up.

She has time.


Voila, makeover.


Chad was starting to get hungry/thirsty.


So I sent Bon Bon over to chat with him.

Edamame: *gaaaaaasp*

Yeah, I want Bon Bon to be our vampire.  Unfortunately you can’t make teens vampires.  Sad smile  I was going to start a flirtation between Chad and Bon Bon until I realized he’s her Great-Something Grandfather.  Creepy…


Mango left the party to go read Kix a book.  Logic book, nice choice, but why is she in Steak’s bed?  I really wish we could assign prefered bed/crib like we can with cars.

Kix: Are you sure the book doesn’t mock me?

Mango: No, Kix, the book doesn’t mock you.


Odd things have begun to happen all over the lot.  This sleeping back was purple, now it looks like a NASA space blanket.  *pouts* I’m not moving towns!  I’m finishing this legacy!!! *stamps foot*


They sent me another face one maid.  I rearranged it for her.


Better.  Now go put your uniform back on.  I actually liked her so much I saved her.

Edamame: shouldn’t she have six weeks off for recovery?


Lox tried to invite Megan over so they could get married.  but apparently she was in the middle of a confrontation with my simdaughter Raina.  Raina is in a relationship with Nikolas Cameron, they have two children.

Raina: Lox should have been mine!

Edamame: Whoa that’s new.

Yes, I suspect we may see more of Raina.

Frittata: Who knew Lox would become such a heartthrob?

Edamame: Not me.


Raina: *changes clothes and cracks knuckles*  Alright, let’s do this.

Megan: Yew tawkin’ t’me?


I seriously love her.  *saves to bin* 

Raina: Why couldn’t I be in the legacy?

Edamame: Why would you want to?


Raina: *plots ways to have Lox for herslef*


I sent Lox to the lot so we could have a quick wedding, but Megan changed clothes and ran to work.  I guess we are going to have to give Megan a real wedding…


I let Lox and Raina have a chat. It totally made her day.

Raina; I can’t believe it’s really you.  And you’re talking to me.


Then Carrie Pram showed up, she looks like a muppet.

Edamame: That is one uuuugly sim.

Frittata: Some could say the same about you.

Edamame: Shut your lying mouth!


Raina: OMG, your shirt smells so good!  I love you!


Carrie: OMG you’re so right.

Raina: No one is talking to you Carrie, GTHO.

Edamame: That daughter of yours had a naughty mouth.

Okay, this is all the pictures I have.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  I will be putting up the heir poll as soon as I can.  it will be up for three weeks, maybe two if I stop getting votes. 


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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14 Responses to Chapter 94: The Bachelor

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  2. Elocine says:

    Hahaha, it cracked me up that Bon Bon aged-up in her underwear, at a bachelor party. Perfect timing on that one! Your maid is gorgeous after her makeover! Could you maybe tell me where you got the freckles you put on her? They’re amazing!

  3. StyxLady says:

    “Frittata: Moron, have you ever seen an ant that size?
    Edamame: Pardon, is it a moose?
    Frittata: Bitch.” LMAO. I love those two.

    I have 13 sims in my HV household right now, so I can sympathize with trying to keep that many happy! Not easy. I love Megan and Raina! They’re both so pretty, and Megan’s accent is fun.

    But OMG Bella! Stop killing of the simself vamps! Grrr.

  4. madlyeely says:

    Wow, Peach sure is a machine! I could never handle so many Sims. Can’t wait for Twallan to update his PortraitPaneler so we can have more than the six max pets in the house though.

    Does Lox have the Innapropriate trait? I think it’s that that causes Sims to roll wishes to skinny dip with family members.

    • skehrer says:

      I agree. I feel the need to create a crazy cat lady, but six cats is just not enough. She needs to be a feline hoarder!
      Peach is a machine! Mango has that Surrounded by Family LTW. Next time I need to get that done earlier in the legacy.

  5. Gargantua says:

    Bella seems to only be killing Simself vampires, though. Makes you wonder if all the years of torture at the hands of the Handlers hasn’t given her a bit of a grudge. *grin*

    I tell you what, those Pick Porkers are mean. Given half a chance, they will charge at you like a pack of wild boars. But I know Brad will be happy to know that the tenets of Peace and Chicken Grease are starting to move beyond the bounds of Volcano Cove. 🙂

    I’m jealous that you got aliens from outer space to dance at your party. All I got were lame cowboys and creepy lifeguards.

    Fun update! And I look forward to seeing the results of the poll.

    • skehrer says:

      So far I’ve only had Simselves become vampires besides Chad. I keep waiting for more!!!

      Those Pick Porkers are incredibly mean, Bella is focused on the wrong group. I plan to take the time I have during the vote to finally build that mini hacienda.

      I also am excited about the poll. Already it’s surprising me.

  6. missmiserie says:

    My simself tends to be a tease I think. She’s determined to die alone, I think.

    Ah, Megan and Lox and Raina… do I smell a LOVE TRIANGLE?!

    As for more Hello Kitty stuff… I run into that stuff all the time, how come I can’t remember a single thing right now?! I’ll have to look into that, right now!

    • skehrer says:

      Maybe now that Joann is dead Derrick will turn to SimSabrina for comfort??? I can hope.
      Megan, Lox and Raina and Markus… Oh my, Lox is going to have a messy, messy marriage.
      Thank you for keeping your eye open on the Hello Kitty Stuff. I have enough CAS items I think. Unless you see something GREAT! I need room decorations desperately.

      OMG I am SOOOO excited for the wedding! I think I will have to roll it into the Halloween post just so I can publish it.

  7. DB loves her Mac says:

    Obviously, the maid just wanted your attention! 😉

    Poor Kix. I like her. I want her to be heiress.

    • skehrer says:

      I have to say, I thought Peach and Mango would be the winners. But this poll is surprising me so far.

      I’m really taking a liking to Wasabi for som reason. 🙂

      And those maids are always looking for attention!

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