Halloween Par-tay!

It’s late, but it’s here.  (I’m having issues since installing Pets.  Surprised?  Me neither.)    It’s the Food Family Annual (?) Halloween Party!


For the party I used an alternate save file and moved the family to The Munster’s house which I found here at MTS.


Megan as Hello Kitty: Plumbawb!  Lawx yoo look foine!


Lox as a washed up rock star: Thanks, babe!

I changed Lox’s skin color for the party (also Frittata, Peach, Mango and Bon Bon).  The pirate on the left is Strawberry and Raspberry is Alice.

Edamame: Is it wrong that I think Lox looks hot?

Wow.  Um, yes.

Edamame: Really?  I don’t know what it is…  There’s something about his hair; I just want to run my hands through it.

I stopped listening after, ‘really’.


Maybe they should have come as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb?  Strawberry wanted to be Jack Sparrow, but this is the closest I could get.


Jasmine Rice came as a hooker.

Edamame: Buuuuuuuut.  Aren’t those her everyday wear?

Why, yes.  Yes, they are.


  Thor Jenkins as a caveman: Thor want woman.

Megan: Oh my Plumbawb!  Touch me and I will cut yoor *bleeeeeeeep* awf before my mawnin cawffee.


Raina came as a slutty witch.  She didn’t wear a hat because it would have messed up her hair.  Here she is pouting because Lox is talking to Megan.


No problem, Raina heads over to interrupt the conversation.

Thor: Thor have new woman?

Megan: *chomps gum* Doo et!

Raina: Eww, who smells like the backend of a zoo?


Lox: *pretends drunkenness*

Raina: *stares with fevered yearning*

Edamame: Are you sure he’s pretending to be drunk?  That looks pretty real to me.

His father was Miller.  I think he’s probably seen enough drunk to be able fake it.


What’s a man to do?


Sabrina came too.  Starla and Andie would have been here, but that bitch Bella murdered them.

Sabrina: Somebody better call the Fire Department.


Sabrina: Because I’m on FIRE!


Sabrina: AHHHHHHH!


Sabrina: AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Edamame: That’s a lame costume.

Her costume isn’t being on fire.  She came as Miller.

Edamame: Oh.  OH!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!  I love her costume.

That’s the single reason why Frittata isn’t joining us today.  She’s protesting.

Edamame: Awesome, we should have more Sabrina is Miller for Halloween pictures in every update!  Smile


Then she did the oddest thing and became this burning munchkin.

Sabrina: Where’s a pool when you need one?


She also tripped.

Edamame: Nevermind, she’s a freak.  Let’s have no more pictures of her.  Does anyone else feel like they need to shower?


Bella as Jeannie from I Dream of Jeanie: Oh Major/Captain Tony, I can make your every wish come true.


Pat as Major/Captain Tony:  Bella, you already have.

Edamame: Awwww *gags*


Of course Thor and Bella eventually find each other.

Thor: Thor want woman.


Bella: Bella want cash.

Pat: This ain’t really happenin’


Bon Bon’s a cheerleader (Orange and Black were my high school’s colors), Frittata is Quorra from Tron: Legacy and Wasabi is a bear.  (Why did I just type “brear” THREE time?  I’m suffering from pretzel fingers tonight.)

Edamame: Gross.  Frittata isn’t wearing a bra!  I am tankful this is not a video, I don’t think I could handle watching any jiggle.  I hope she at least used Band-Aids.

Don’t be gross, Edamame!  Besides, your family had to witness your nakedness.

Edamame: Had to WITNESS!?!  They were BLESSED with that vision.  And YOU’RE WELCOME!


Lettuce came as a salad.  Those aren’t cherries, they’re cherry tomatoes, m’kay?

Edamame: Yeah…right…

Peach is the Bride of Frankenstein and Leroy came as Sim Clause.

Leroy: Who’s gunna be the first to sit on ol’ Leroy’s knee?


Leroy: I jus’ want you to know time is money and I will be bangin’ some chicks tonight.


Everyone heads down to the party room in the basement.

Mango as Frankenstein’s Monster: Stop looking at my wife.

Leroy: Oh Lawd, this guy is creepy.


Mango really got into character.

Mango to Raspberry: Stop checking out my package.

Raspberry: I-huh…what?

On the left is Steak as Woody from Toy Story.


Peach enjoyed herself.

Leroy: *enjoys the view of Peach’s ass*

In the background Juice is a chef and Bonita is Cleopatra.


Leroy: *stares at Sabrina’s butt*

Sabrina: WTH, Leroy!  You had it and lost it.  This shop is closed.

Edamame: Ooo…  Leroy – 1 Sabrina – 0

Leroy: Nothin’ new there!

Sabrina: Have you looked in a mirror!?!

Edamame: Good point.  Leroy – 1 Sabrina – 1


Jasmine Rice: Hey, meet me by the tree in 10 minutes.

Leroy: Make it five.


Raspberry: *gasp* Did that man just come on to my son?

Steak: Argh!  There’s a snake in my boot!

Thor: This cave.  This cave…strange.


Raina: I curse you to grow hair.  The HAIR OF A BEAST!!!!!

Megan: Don’t make me laugh, Secret Circle.  Remove yoor finger from moy face or I’ll cut et awf and yuz et as a toothpeck.

Edamame: O.O I’m a little scared of Megan.

Me too.


Raina: You don’t deserve him!  He should be MINE!


Megan: Hold me back.  Someone beddah hold me back!

Bonita: This bitch is crazy.

Edamame: Look at her face!  I am never sleeping again!


Bon Bon: I’ll hold you back.

Megan: Don’t yoo touch me.  I .Will. Cut. Yoo!


Bon Bon: !!!


Raina: Hey you watch how you talk to her! 

Bon Bon: *instanly becomes Raina’s cheerleader*


Raina: *tries to slap the whiskers off Hello Kitty*

Leroy: Whoa, chick fight!


Bon Bon: *thinks Raina is da bomb*


Megan: *in an exorcist voice* Yoor going DOWN!

Raina: *is caught off guard*

Bon Bon: WHOA!

Kix as a Powerpuff Girl: What is going on?


Raina: Where is she?  Lemme at her, lemme at her!

Bon Bon: YES!  Kick. her. ass!

Bonita: *moves to corner*


It was over almost as soon as it began.  Megan threw Raina into the air and Raina gave everyone a panty shot.


Leroy: Panty Shot?  I need to be over there!


Megan: Take that, Betch!

Raina: *derps hard*

Leory: Crap, I gotta git to that tree.

Edamame: Isn’t Hello Kitty supposed to be cute and nice?  Kinda ironic that Megan likes her because she so… not…


Bon Bon: This isn’t over.

Megan: Yoo wanna be next?

Peach: *waits for Megan to try and touch her sister*

Edamame: She must be crazy.  Doesn’t she know Bon Bon wants to be a vampire?  I don’t think I would be making enemies with her.


Raina: They’ve all seen what you’ve done.


Raina: Oh yes, they’ve all seen what you’ve done.


Raina: And now, they will never trust you!

Edamame: *stunned to silence*

No?  Nothing from the Peanut Gallery?

Edamame: I’m taking notes.  She’s BRILLANT!  Can Lox please marry Raina and not Megan?

I know, I love Raina too!


And then Bon Bon slapped her on the ass


and tripped her.


Lox was looking to lighten the mood a bit.

Lox: Someone start some music.

Leroy: I really need to get to that tree.


Lox: YEAH!  WOOOOO!  Music, Let’s ROCK!

Leroy: Why can’t I move?  I need to get to that damn tree!


Bella: Has anyone seen my pocket rocket? 


Bella: Oh Lox could you come closer.  I think it may be in your pocket.

Raspberry: Say what?

Edamame: Did she not see what just went down between Raina and Megan?


Bella: Yes, just a little closer.


Bella: Closer…

Raspberry: Oh Lord…


Bella: YES!  YES!  There it is, I’ve had it all along!

Raspberry: *slowly moves away*

Strawberry: *stares with distain*

Juice: *puts fist through Bella’s stomach*


Strawberry: Anyone else smell that?


Raspberry: Oh, sorry.  I didn’t think it would be noticeable.

Edamame: How disgusting.  There must be something wrong with her.

Maybe it’s the Stu Surprise. 


Bella: It’s okay, nothing is going to ruin this moment.  *whispers* Fresh batteries.

Edamamae: UGH, What a nasty…  *bleeeeeeeeeep*


Brennan: That was you?  What did you eat?

Raspberry: Darling, of course it was.  I had to create a diversion.  It’s time for your meds.


Brennan: Right now? Are you sure?

Raspberry: Darling, you know how you get when you don’t take them on time.

Edamame: How’s that?  Sane?


Rapsberry: That’s a good boy.


Raspberry and Brennan: *gross make out sounds*

Leroy: *licks lips*


Later Megan notices Raina dancing with Lox.

Edamame: O.O Is that thought bubble for Raina or Lox?

Raina, by this point the two are mortal enemies.

Edamame: You have to invite Raina over more.


Raina is good at making Megan angry.

Raining: *thinking* Is he looking at my cleavage?  Please look at my cleavage.


Leroy: I can’t seem to leave this room and I really need to find a tree.

Frittata: There is a restroom down the hall, Leroy.  Don’t be such a caveman.

Thor: *grunts*


Bella: Now where did I put my other pocket rocket?


Sabrina: OMG, why did I come here?  These people are crazy!


Later that morning…

Edamame: Well, let’s just be happy it was her husband and not Leroy.

And I hate to end the party so abruptly, but these are all the pictures I have.  After a while everyone stopped doing anything.  They all just stood in one place going through their idle animations. 


I will leave you with this picture of the toughest cowgirls in the Wild West!  Yee Haw!


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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34 Responses to Halloween Par-tay!

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  2. madlyeely says:

    I actually found Lox kind of hot. Where’d you get that hair?
    And damn, Raina and Megan are both so fine! They should just both be part of Lox’s slutty groupie harem. 😀
    I honestly thought Leroy was the Pope there for a second. O_O
    Wow, Jasmine Rice is actually kinda hot. And I wouldn’t have noticed if Raspberry and Strawberry hadn’t come in costume.
    Aww, your daughters look adorable. 😀

    • skehrer says:

      The hair I used for Lox is from The Store: The Duuude.
      Lox and a slutty groupie harem, LOL! I don’t think Megan will allow that.
      You know, I almost went with a pope joke for Leroy. It’s the hat. But how inappropriate would that have been?!
      Poor Jasmine Rice, she’ll be working out her issues for a looong time.
      Thank you so much. I think they are little cuties too! 🙂

      • madlyeely says:

        Dammit, EA is really burning a hole in my wallet. Especially when all the best stuff is in the store; the EPs get all the rejects/recyclings. But that boho stuff is so cute. 😦
        Almost innapropriate enough for Leroy. But he would have been more after desperate young girls *coughJasmineRicecough*.

      • skehrer says:

        I know what you mean. Every time a new set comes out I think I must have it.
        The hideous but loveable Leroy? No…

  3. Gargantua says:

    Sabrina as Miller had me rolling! It is nice to know that Sabrina’s butt attracts attention in more than just my game. All the costumes you had were wonderful! Could you let me know where you downloaded them? But of all the fun at the sims Halloween party, the picture of your two cowgirls was the absolute best.

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you! You could say Sabrina had a hot ass???? LOL.
      Thank you about my little ones, I am a bit partial to them. 🙂
      I put the information about the costumes up on it’s own page here. The reply comment would have been super long.

  4. Great post, as usual! Loved the costumes — especially the two little cowgirls! — and *adore* Megan’s accent, even though it always comes out garbled Southern in my head. Now I kinda wish I’d voted for Lox instead of Bon Bon….

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you so much! My girls will love to hear that people think they are cute. 🙂
      I like the way Megan comes out in your head!!! Every time I type anything for her I have to say it over three or four times to make sure I think I spelled it the way she would say it.

      Oh let me edit this: I can’t believe Bon Bon won (still). I was very hopeful that it would be Peach or Lox. I have some plans for Bon Bon that will hopefully prove to be entertaining. but first I’ve got to figure out all the kinks that Pets has brought along with it.

  5. missmiserie says:

    I’m not even sure where to start, all of this was HILARIOUS XD I was the only simself at the party? I bet she was scared out of her mind! But mocking Miller’s death and collapsing into a pile of munchkin flesh, HAH!

    Everyone’s outfit was awesome, especially Lox’s. Everything was awesome really, especially Reina’s fight to Megan. Tsk tsk, why can’t they just share…

    And of course, the perfect ending for a chapter with underaged hookers, panty flashing catfights and multiple pocket rockets, is two cute and completely innocent cowgirls 😀

    • skehrer says:

      You were the only Simself at the party because Bella killed all the others! Oh and i didn’t want my simself to witness Raina’s antics. I have yet to move anymore simselves into town because I keep going back and forth about moving the family to the new town. I think I’ve finally decided that I will.

      The munchkin thing was awesome. I actually took a video of it, I forgot to post it.

      Poor Lox, I’m not sure he really knows what he’s gotten himself into.

  6. Elocine says:

    This chapter was so full of awesome! I love all the costumes. Especially Sabrina’s, that was awesome! A actually ~forgot~ at first that Lox wasn’t the heir. 😦

    Also, your little girls are gorgeous! I just realized that I didn’t manage to get a single picture of my munchkin in his Scooby-Doo costume… Mom Fail! Oh well, he loves it so I’m sure coaxing him into putting it on for pictures will be a snap!

    • skehrer says:

      Sorry Lox didn’t get heir! That’s what happens with a poll I guess. Sometimes the one you least expect to win, wins. 🙂
      If your little one is like mine I’m sure you will have plenty of picture opportunities.

  7. DB loves her Mac says:

    Adorable little cowgirls!

    And LOL @ Sabrina’s costume!

  8. nickeysims says:

    That was so awesome. Everyone should stay in their costumes FOREVER. Especially Megan and Thor.

  9. Bill Delgado says:

    I wish I could go to a Halloween party like that. Love the hot slutty witch and Hello Kitty catfight. I really need to get my Simself a rocker costume.

    Did you manually control anyone or just let everyone run on Free Will?

    • Bill Delgado says:

      I keep forgetting to tick the “notify” option.

    • skehrer says:

      Oh I’ve had issues since installing pets. I tried to let them all go wild on their own, but all they did was stand around and go through their idle animations. Boring! I finally ended up using Twallan’s MC and moved everyone into the house. Everything you saw was me controlling EVERYONE! I think there were a total of 24 sims in the house (I think that’s the max with MC). If I had it to do over again I would have left the babies and children out and used other teen/adult sims at the party.

      You want a rocker costume IRL? Use lots of baby powder with those pants, you start sweating in those and it’s all over!

  10. happystayhomemom says:

    Just found your legacy and am now all caught up. I love it!! Keep up the good work. I had to stop a minute when I seen the pix of ur kids cause I kept thinking ” didnt she just have that baby” LOL. I had to remember that I have read thru a couple of years writing the last couple of days. LOL.

    • skehrer says:

      LOL! I was just thinking about how I have been playing the same Legacy since I was pregnant. I’ve been playing a long time. I hope to have more time to play during/after the holiday.

  11. Chapunk says:

    wow … Look really good for your post, I can not say anything about a game this sims. I’ll try to play the sims. thank you

  12. cooperlegacy says:

    This is Kayla that wrote the Shmoes and Simpsons. My new legacy is up. 🙂


  13. Jenny says:

    I love Lox. He’s hot. xP

  14. sarphia says:

    Hiya! We’re big fans of your legacy, and we were wondering if you’re be able to check out gingerlegacy.wordpress.com and maybe follow us if you think we’re worthy 😛 thanks and keep up the great work!!

  15. azaleagreenleaf says:

    Just wondering (btw, great chapter) what high school you went to. The high school I graduated from also had orange and black as the colours.

  16. azaleagreenleaf says:

    What high school did you go to? Mine had the same school colours.

    Btw, this May have posted twice accidently.

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