Chapter 96: Get Married Already!

Last time we heard from the Foods was the Halloween Party from 2,000 years ago!  At that party Megan and Raina had a cat fight over Lox.  Megan got up in Bon Bon’s face and Raina defended her.  Megan and Bon Bon’s relationship has suffered since.  And let’s not forget that before the party everyone’s favorite boozer, Miller, died.  And like Queen Victoria, Frittata officially went into mourning.

Also, Bon Bon will no longer be a vampire as I was planning before.  It’s been about a year since I thought of doing that with her and to be honest I was never that excited about it.  Miss Misery suggested I make Bon Bon a fairy and given my gigantopithecus of gardens I think she will indeed be a fairy.

I’ve also installed Supernatural, Seasons and University Life and even though I have not finished my test with Seasons or even started University Life you will no doubt noticed those expansion packs in this update.  Okay, let’s get this party started!


Given the vast size of the garden it’s now all hands on deck.  All of the family is helping out especially Bon Bon.  She is our heir after all and she needs to get those skills up!  Once I can get my hands on a fairy potion she’s going to be in this garden more and more.

Frittata: I’m just glad to have the help.

Edamame: Oh great, you’re back too.  Back in my day we didn’t have gardens and such.  We had to make due with what we could buy at he grocery store or the refrigerator.

Back in your day the family only drank their meals and the one time you tried to make them pancakes they looked more like hockey pucks.

Edamame: You are so judgmental!

Frittata: Back in your day, life was in black and white.  You had to eat dinner on the toilet and you had to trick men into marrying you.

Edamame: Hey, guess what.  Miller’s dead.

Frittata: OHHHHHH WAAAAAAAAAH!  *cries*


Steak has literally bonded with the inventing table.  He needs to build me a new Time Travel Machine I will allow him to pursuit the last point of his paining skill.  Then he is off to live his own life!!!!  But, first thing’s first, BUILD MY MACHINE!

Steak: Wish I could use the toilet right now.

Edamame: Back in my day we didn’t have Inventing Tables.  We made due with a chess set or bookshelf.

Again with this ‘back in my day’ stuff?  You’re turning into an old fart, Edamame.

Frittata: She smells like one too.

Edamame: Miller.  Dead.

Frittata: *cries*


The toddlers are locked in their rooms to skill or die!

Frittata: I don’t find that funny.  The children are our future, we need to teach them well and let them lead the way.  Show them all the beauty they possess inside.  We need to give them a sense of pride to make it easier.

Edamame: Why does that sound familiar?  Have I said that before?  That sounds like something I would say.

More like Juice.  That’s a Whitney Houston song Greatest Love of All.

Edamame: No, I don’t think so.  I think that must be a direct quote of mine.


Lox has been making friends with the Cow Plant.  Which terrifies me!   Confession: I’ve never had a Cow Plant before because they scare me!!!!  But I figure if I can just keep Bon Bon away from it, I’ll be okay.

Lox: Who wants a lollipop?  Huh?  Huh?  Who?

Edamame: You mark my words.  You will regret having that Cow Plant.  I’ve seen what they can do.  They get a sim in their grasp and then they start spinning it and covering it with these sticky white threads!  It’s just not natural!

Frittata: Wait.  Did you just describe a spider?


Megan: Oh my Plumbawb!  Lawx, yoo lev heeah?

Translation: Oh my Plumbob!  Lox you live here?

Megan is quite impressed with the new Legacy House.  As she should be, it took me a while to build it.

Edamame: I heard the staircase is a problem.

Yes it is, Edamame.  Thank you for pointing that out.


Inside this is one of my many attempts to marry Lox and Megan.  Dumb girl kept forgetting they were married and wouldn’t join the household.

Edamame: Did you ever think that maybe she didn’t want to be in a Legacy and that you were forcing her to do this against her will?  And that her life will never again be her own!  And that she will die a young beautiful woman because of the stress that comes along with it!  Did you ever think about that!

Frittata: Um…  Are we still talking about Megan? 


And then I noticed Kool Aid had zero days until his next life stage.  So what the hell, why not throw the kid a party on top of all the other crap going on right now.  Only thing was, Kool Aid (as well as the rest of the toddlers) was starving and about to pass out.

Kool Aid: I’m hungry!  I’m tired!  I need to go potty!

Frittata: *stinks*

Kix: And I thought I was the grumpy one.

Edamame: Jeez, have you ever heard of a shower? 

Be nice Edamame.

Frittata: Impossible.


This picture is the complete essence of what this party was.

Frittata: Oh, Miller, I wish you were here for this!  *still stinks*

Bon Bon: Someone cut the cake already, I’m starving!

Mango: Hurry up, hurry up.  I need to get to bed.


This is Kool Aid after he became a child.  I can not remember what trait he gained.  I’ll check on that later.  I think he’s rather cute!

Edamame: Can I point out the obvious?  Something the two of you have not mentioned, though I have no idea why!


Edamame: Where did this dark skin come from?  I remember seeing Kool Aid with pale skin.  Is this child some kind of Kool Aid Food doppelganger?  If so should we murder it in its sleep?

Frittata: You will not touch him!  He is perfect the way he is.  Who cares about his skin color!  At lease he has skin!  I’ve heard there are zombie roaming around in Riverview, maybe even skeletons!

Edamame: And with all of that you think a doppelganger is out of the question?  Get a hold of yourself!  It’s the end of the world and you’ve got one among you!

Oh, shut up!  I have no idea why Kool Aid’s skin changed.  It happened when I opened up my game after a patch update and I just saved it because I thought it was fun to have the skin color carry one for another generation.  Now, if a zombified Jello shows up on the lawn I agree that we should all freak out.


This is another try at marrying Lox and Megan.  I think this is the fourth time during this house warming/Kool Aid’s birthday/wedding party.

Frittata: WAAAAA!  I wish Miller was here to see this too!

Megan: *grits teeth* Yoor ruin’in moiy beautifool wedden!

Translation: You’re ruining my beautiful wedding!

Steak: Don’t mind me.  I’m just off to start painting for my freedom.

Edamame: Did Lox put on some weight?

He might me a little doughy, but that’s alright.  We can still love him.

Edamame: No!  Those are Icee genes at work.  You need to get him to the spa and put him on a restrictive diet immediately.  He should only drink his meals from here on out.  Ugh, just looking at him make me feel fat.

Frittata: You are the worst kind of person.

She really is.


Frittata: *sniff, sniff*  …

Lox and Megan: *wedding words*


Frittata: Boooohoohoohoo….

Lox and Megan: *more wedding words*




Frittata: What a beautiful moment.

Edamame: No thanks to you.


And this time it finally worked!


They were so happy they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!

Megan/Honey: Don’ evah leave meh, Lawx.  Nevah!

Lox: *muffled words*

Edamame: Can I make another ominous prediction?

Frittata: No you can not.

Edamame: But I’m really good at them!


And then I got this thing.  Can you believe this!  I totally thought with the crying babies and everyone starving the party was going to be a complete disaster!


Edamame: looks like the party was too good for some people.

I don’t know what that was about.  I checked her out in MC and she’s not pregnant.  Believe me, that is the last thing I want right now.  Mango on the other hand would be very happy.

Peach: Huuuuuuuurl. NomoreStuSurprise!

Oh yeah, that’s another thing.  Frittata will only make Stu Surprise no matter what time of day it is.

Frittata: It was Miller’s favorite.  I can’t bare to make anything else.


And then this happened.

Edamame: Oh, pretty.  what is it?


Edamame: ALIENS!  ALIENS!  Okay, we need to build and underground bunker.  Get 3 pieces of ply wood, 35,000 nails, one ton of concrete and two bottles of water…and a paperclip.

Frittata: …  They can get you from inside.

Edamame: It’s worse than I thought.  I need 53 Key Lime Pies, a couch and TV in a spiceberry painted room and someone needs to raise Icee from the dead.

Frittata: How is that going to help?

Edamame: Well, it scares the hell out of me.  If it doesn’t work on the aliens then I don’t know how to help you.


Edamame: I can’t watch.  Someone cover my eyes!


As soon as Bon Bon was taken up into the UFO she and the alien were plopped right back onto the lawn.  And she was now wearing her everyday clothes.

Edamame: Holy Will Wright Waffles!  *whispers* It’s right there.  No one move.  They can see you if you don’t move.

Frittata: You idiot.  It’s an alien, not a t-rex!

Edamame: Well, I’ve never been abducted before.

Frittata: That’s because they look for intelligent beings.

Edamame: …


And when I go check on the other members of the house I see this.  I’m not even sure if I should ask or assume anything about this situation.  Maybe I should just pretend it never happened?


The next morning Lox ran to the grocery store (literally) to buy the new seeds available with University Life.  Megan/Honey made herself useful.

Megan/Honey: Nawt livin’ in this room one more night.


She redecorated the bedroom.

Megan/Honey: *sigh* beddah.

Frittata: What.  Wait, I think I need some eye drops.

Edamame: This room makes me taste bile and I don’t have a gallbladder.  It looks like she painted the walls with vomit.

She sponged over the green with her favorite color, hot pink.


I’m really disappointed with the drama I had in getting Lox and Megan married.  I had this whole elaborate Hello Kitty wedding planned.  She even had a copy of this Hello Kitty dress.  It saddens me.

Edamame: Oh boo hoo.  Move on!


I heard more alien sounds, when I checked I saw them taking off.  Everyone was accounted for so maybe they just hung out all night?

Edamame: Did you do the thing I suggested.  With Icee and the pies?


Edamame: *scowls*  They’ll be back.   Then you’ll wish you’d listened.


After school Bon Bon went over to the Newbie house to hang out with Bob, here.  Is it just me or is there something odd about his nose?  Bon Bon doesn’t seem to mind.


While there she had an urge to pull a prank.  I love her face in this shot.

Bon Bon: This is going to be great.


Then she shoved a whoopee cushion under the seat.


At first Bob was totally into it.

Bob Newbie: Yes, this is so cool!


Then he was totally not!

Bob Newbie:  No way, this is so uncool!

Bon Bon: *is confused*

Edamame: Wow, what a douche bag!


Back at home Wasabi is crying like the world is coming to an end.

Edamame: It is!  There are aliens and zombies and skeletons and doppelgangers and dinosaurs running around!  This is the end of the world!  Atone for your sins for you will meet your maker!

Oh please.


Mango couldn’t help.  He was stuck on the toilet (too much Stu Surprise).

Mango: Disgusting.

Edamame: Ugh, why do we have to see this?  At least I can’t smell it.


Her mother was signing autographs over by her place of employment.  Peach is working at the Bistro because I need to have the Refrigerator of Awesome and she’s already reached her LTW.  Gaining the cooking skill will be a plus too.  No more Stu Surprise.

Frittata: What’s wrong with Stu Surprise?

Edamame: WAIT!  Is that your simself?  Will Wright’s Nose Hairs this had better not be the ‘surprise person’ you’ve been hinting at.  If it is then… I don’t know… something.

Calm down she is my simself, but not the surprise.  I actually forgot I put her in.  She is definitely not the surprise person.

Frittata: Looks like the Legacy fame has followed us to Riverview. 

Edamame: You mean MY LEGACY FAME!


Peach got home and just stood there while Steak took care of Wasabi.

Steak: Can you not hear that screeching, Peach?  It’s deafening.

Edamame: Aren’t all children though.


Steak: Awwwww, does da pwoor widdle baby need baba?

Edamame: Uhh…  Do I need to comment on this?


Edamame: I feel like I do.

No you don’t.


Lox finally gets home from running allover town for me and takes a bath with this shirt on.

Edamame: He should wear a shirt.  No one wants to see that doughy middle of his.

Frittata: Do you mind!

Edamame: Yes I do!


I fixed it, but how weird.  (Basically this picture is here so I can get as close to 50 pictures as I can.)


Meanwhile, back in the upstairs bathroom.

Mango: *unpleasant sounds* I really need to start ordering pizza.

Edamame: Will you stop showing that!

Frittata: I had no idea that Stu Surprise effected Mango like this.


In the kitchen Megan/Honey is starting to show her true colors.

Bon Bon: For Sims Sake I am hungry!

Megan/Honey: *mockingly* For Sims Sake I am hungry!

Edamame: Oh I can’t wait for this to happen.  Honey is messing with the wrong person.  Bon Bon is going to be heir and a vampire.  It is on!

No not a vampire.  A fairy.

Edamame: A FAIRY!  That’s not…what can a fairy do that’s cool.

Frittata: Make it rain flowers?

Edamame: …

Then I realized that I could not click on Frittata’s picture. At first I thought my game was messing up.


But when I checked on her I saw that she was floating!  Oh no, Frittata!!! 

Edamame: Hhahahaahaha!  You died!  Wait, what is she still doing here?


Death showed up.  And no one else came to mourn!!!

*tears up* Oh no!  RIP Fritty.  She was 90 days old, had 228,200 happiness points and had reached her Lifetime Wish.  Go be with Miller again.


Papa Bear: Oh snap!  I am a plant.  I am a plant.

Edamame: Again, what is she still doing here?  I am not co-hosting for the rest of this legacy with Frittata!



Mango: This sucks.


But then Frittata whipped out a freaking Death Flower!  And this is where my sadness over her dying ended.  I can’t believe she had a Death Flower in her inventory!!!!  @#%$ Good think I already enrolled Kix and Kool Aid in boarding schools.

Frittata: Tada!

Grim Reaper: Say whaaaaaat?

Papa Bear: Don’t look, just be the plant.

Edamame: Oh, thank Maxis!

Frittata: Awe, you’re glad I’m still around?

Edamame: No, this means there will be an end to you.  One day.


Grim Reaper: Alright, you can stay.  But only 5 more minutes and then it’s time to go home!

Frittata: Okay, Dad.


And Frittata went to bed happy to be home and not minding the little bedbug next to her.

Frittata: At least for now.  I am ready to be with Miller again.  But I have to be sure that Bon Bon is ready to take over.

Edamame: Why does her face look so freaky?  It looks like she has a 5 o’clock shadow.  And where did her eyebrows go?  Do you take those off at night like a toupee? Toupee brows?

That’s it for this one.  I am planning to get the family a butler because I haven’t had one yet.  He even has his very own room build in the basement, he’s going to love it here.  Anyway, I know the wait was long for this post I hope it was worth it.  I will try to get another post out before another six months go by.  Until then I hope you will enjoy my Testys updates in between my Food updates.


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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16 Responses to Chapter 96: Get Married Already!

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  2. missmiserie says:

    GOOD LORD, that Hello Kitty dress! I honestly think my friend’s Hello Kitty toaster takes the cake, but that dress is something else…

    Kool Aid is adorable, and I just now noticed his Kool Aid shirt. That’s cute XD

    Bon Bon seems to be on a good start for heirship. Bob Newbie really does have a strange nose. And a strange jawline.

    Still so glad the Foods are back!

    • skehrer says:

      That dress is the reason I made Megan love Hello Kitty. And because I wanted to torture my sister in-law (just a little). Have you ever seen those Hello Kitty frozen pizzas? Gross! They look like fried cat face.

      You can download those Kool Aid shirts if you want. I think I out a link to them on here somewhere. I’ll find tomorrow and reply back with a link.

  3. selahgio says:

    Oh man I’m so glad you’ve updated this! @_@ Can’t wait to read more darling :3

  4. Raegan says:

    I was so excited when I saw the update! The wait was worth it, the whole mango on the toilet thing made me laugh. I got University Life too, and it’s a really fun expansion pack. But when you send people to college, it takes you to another town and you have to play as them until they go home. Just a heads-up.

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you so much! i am very excited to be posting again.
      Thanks for the heads up about UL. I’m trying to save any playtime with is for my Testys first. I just have to get through the Seasons tests.

  5. Elise says:

    Oh my god, you’re back. I haven’t checked in ages ’cause I thought it was over, but…I’m so excited 😀 love the new house, by the way.

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you! Glad you can read about the Foods again too! I’ve missed to turning them. Right now I am playing through my summer test with The Testys, after that I’m hoping to put up another Food update.

  6. YumYum says:

    Yay, Frittata is still alive! I feel so bad about nobody mourning her, though.

  7. adorn79 says:

    This is so funny. I especially liked Mango on the can.

    PS: do you remember us recording that Whitney Houston song when we were little?

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