Chapter 97: Something Goes Here

Last time on the Food Legacy the Food’s moved into a new home in a new town filled with new people.  Kool Aid went from being light skinned to dark skinned, something only the Sim Gods can explain.  I’m actually quite happy to see the skin tone continue for another generation.  After too many tries I finally forced Megan and Lox to marry even though my game stubbornly refused to comply.  Megan’s new name is now Honey.  Oh, and Frittata will only ever make make Stu Surprise for the meals she prepares because it reminds her of Miller.  But Stu Surprise is making the rest of her family sick, some of them literally, ahem, Mango.  Maybe the Stu Surprise is the reason no one came to mourn her when she died (for a whole minute).  Anyway, let’s see what happens this time on…   THE FOOD FAMILY LEGACY!!!

To begin with I went to City Hall and made sure Vector Mod was not enabled for this game.  If you read my latest Seasons test play where I also tested Vector Mod… Let’s just say some ship going down and I’m not going to have the Foods go down with that ship until I have it figured out.  *sniff*  Miss you Gaylord Testy.  XOX Forever!

Also, I dropped in a few Sim Selves into town.


This is Selah Sim, you can find her at her blog Selah and Sims.


This is Gargantua Sim, she writes The Byrd Legacy.


In the front is Elissa Sim she writes Meet the Derps.  To the right is Franklin Sim he writes The Watson Uglacy.


In front is Candi Sim, she writes The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.  To the left is Andie Sim, she writes Remy Wonton Family Woman and Rated R for Language.


In the front is Dan Sim aka Poi_Boi, he writes The Pollination Legacy.  Behind him is Sabrina Sim she writes The Southern Prettacy, The Pokemon Rainbowcy and FISBI.


And when I finally got her to work in my game I put Starla in a house of her own, because she the other house was full.  Starla writes The Creeper Legacy and Up to the Faytes which are on hiatus.  Hopefully they will be back some day.

Edamame: Ugh!  Why would you want to add “real’ people into a Legacy Town.  Don’t these towns have enough problems?

I wanted to add more sim selves to my town, but for some reason I am having issues with some showing up.

Edamame:  There is something wrong with you.


I’ve decided that Honey has a rather creepy unblinking stare.  All my other sims will blink, but not Honey.  Maybe she’s really a robot.

Edamame: Simbots?  SIMBOTS!?  You can’t trust a simbot!  How could you let this happen to my legacy?

Frittata: Calm down, she’s not a simbot, you idiot.

Edamame: How do you know?  Have you seen her shower?

Frittata: No!  Gross.


I love that Bon Bon eats with chopsticks!

Bon Bon: So, you’re going to clean up your dishes this time, right?


Honey: *grumbles*

I think Honey has a hidden Mean-Girl trait.

Edamame: It must go along with her Robot DNA.


In case you’re wondering, these are the dirty dishes Bon Bon was referring to.  Bon Bon got tired of cleaning up after Honey and decided to instead make a stack of her dishes for her to clean up.

Frittata: Oh, I’ve been using those to serve my Stu Surprise on.

Edamame: If I lived in your house , I’d opt for a liquid diet.

How is that any different from when you were alive?  All you did was drink your meals.


Speaking of Stu Surprise, Honey has experienced Stu’s Revenge.

Edamame: Right, she probably just had a loose circuit or an oil leak.

Well, you could she she left and oil streak.

Frittata: I don’t know what the problem with my Stu Surprise is.  I have not digestive problems with it and Miller loved it!  She not a robot!

Edamame: Just a guess, but could it be those dirty plates you’re serving it on? 

Frittata: I didn’t know they were dirty!

Edamame: What about the green stinky gas didn’t give that away?

Okay, let’s move on before someone cries.


Garg and Dan are hooking up.  I’m sure Garg’s husband would have something to say about it, but he’s not showing up in my game.

13  Looks like it’s love, true love.

14   Looks like my elder simself is ready to find love again.  I don’t think this will last very long, she had got to kick the bucket soon.

Edamame: Let’s hope.  Old people love is disgusting.

Frittata: Much like your dimply butt.


Frittata: A Greek Goddess?

Edamame: *silent fury*

It appears Edamame is actually too angry to speak.  Well done, Frittata.


Kool Aid: Grandma, are you eating that for breakfast?

Frittata: Kool Aid, I’m old.  I’m the daughter of Death.  I’ve lost my husband.  Yesterday I died and no one cared.  I’ll eat an ice cream cone for breakfast today if I feel like it.

Edamame: I thought you only ate Stu Surprise?

Frittata: It’s Stu Surprise ice cream.  I made it myself; Miller would have loved it.

Edamame: Bile.  I taste bile.


Frittata: *lick, lick, lick*

Edamame: That’s obscene, no one needs to see that.


Lox had an ice cream and regretted it.

Honey: LAWX!  Doan throw up own may.  Yew’ll get moy Hellow Ketty shurt durday.

Translation: LOX!  Don’t throw up on me.  You’ll get my Hello Kitty shirt dirty.


A vomit and shower later Lox was feeling much better.  I also now have the walker and play yard thanks to my sister in-law.  These will come in handy!

Lettuce: Zoom, zoom!  Nothing is holding me back now!

Lox: Lit fireplace and a baby in a walker.  Nothing bad can happen here.

Edamame: And he’s a firefighter?

Technically, but he hadn’t had his first day yet.  He’s still on his honeymoon.

Edamame: I didn’t get a honeymoon!  Why didn’t I get a honeymoon?

Because I like depriving you.


Peach also tried the ice cream.


Peach: This tastes like Stu Surprise!  My taste buds must be broken.


These people are disgusting.  Look, it’s actually dripping down the side of the counter!

Edamame: At least Honey’s dishes are gone.

The flies probably flew away with them.


And before I forget, I changed Peaches hair to one that came with University.  I like this one better, I can see more of her face.



I was too busy watching Lettuce learn to walk to even notice that Kool Aid and Kix were leaving for Boarding School.


Peach was beside herself as her children left.

Peach: Boo hoo hoo, my babies are leaving.  They will be different people when they come back!  WHAAAAAAA!

Edamame; *rolls eyes* Please, if I’d had the option of sending my kids to boarding school I would have sent the two of them off as soon as they were born.  They do that for daycare and preschool now right?  You just have the kids and they raise them?  Because really, when you’re busy living a life you just don’t have time to bother with children.  And feeding them, bathing them, changing them…

Frittata: There is something wrong with you.

Two kids?  You had three children.  Are you forgetting Jello?

Edamame: Don’t you ever utter that word to me again!  That one would have stayed at boarding school.

Such a loving mother.

Edamame: I can’t help but care, it’s who I am.

Frittata: *headdesk*


Kool Aid ran out to the waiting taxi yelling his goodbyes to everyone.  While Kix was at the door waiting for Kool Aid to get out of her way.

Kool Aid: Good bye incense burner, I’ll miss you most of all!

Kix: *impatiently taps foot* Move already.  I can’t get to my taxi!

27 Dan and Garg are moving kinda fast here.  Let’s hope it’s love and not lust.  Hopefully little one will be on the way soon!

Besides hearing about jobs Garg and Dan are the only simselves I’ve heard anything from.


This is the families new butler, Jamil Stinson.  I don’t remember what his real name was.  I changed it when I gave him a makeover.  Who has a young butler anyway?


That’s better.  Meet the Food Family’s new butler, (Beef) Wellington.  *hugs*  He had better be worth the money.  He also speaks with a British accent, because to my American mind all butlers should.

Wellington: Right-o.  Cheerio and other British things.

Mailbox: Flag?  I don’t need no stinking flag!

Edamame: What the %$&@, I never got a butler.  Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe I might have wanted a butler?

Frittata: How sad for you.  I’m so happy that I got one.


This is Wellington’s  basement bedroom.  I’m sure he’ll feel right at home.


Check that out, Candi’s into old guys.

Edamame: I hope she made sure to get life insurance and that she inherits everything in his will.  Something I should have done.  When Donut died, we were destitute.  *sigh* 

I don’t believe it actually happened that way.


Birthday time!  Wasabi and Jimica are having birthdays, how can you tell?  By the crying baby in the room, not the giant birthday cake.


Peach went to take care of the screaming child and only made matters worse by stepping on her.  Thanks Maxis for that last patch that fixed stuff and broke others.  My sims love to blend with the counters, tables and step on crying babies.

Lettuce: *screams* My intestines!  I’ll never poo again!

Edamame: That should take care of that diaper problem then.


And right here is the moment Wellington realized that this job was going to suck.  Peach doesn’t look too please with his behavior.

Peach: What exactly is your problem?  She’s a baby, babies cry.

Wellington: Especially when they are trampled on by their mums, it would seem.

Edamame: Oh, oh, oh.  Make him say something in British.

Frittata: You mean English.  He is speaking English.

Edamame: No, idiot, I mean British.

Don’t bother trying to explain, she’ll never get it.


And then horrible, terrible things started to happen in the kitchen!  Poor Jimica what has become of you!  Just another reminder that I really need to purge some CC.

Jimica: *stray cat in heat sounds*


I have no idea where that shirt came from, but it has got to go!


There, that’s better.

Jimica: It’s my birthday.  I have new clothes, new hair and a new body, but I’m still not happy.  WAAAAAAAAA!

Edamame: Just no pleasing some people.


Edamame: What?

Frittata: *snicker*

37 Good news!  The Food will be having their first prom participant!  Bon Bon is going to go and find the perfect spouse!  Just please don’t pull a Gaylord and die before the prom!  *siiiiiiiiiigh*

Frittata: *cries*

Edamame: look, I didn’t get to go to prom either, but I’m not blubbering about it.


And then Wasabi’s turn.  Please no more crying.  She just woke from her nap, that’s why she looks that way.  No tranquilizers were involved, I promise.

Edamame: Is Frittata holding her head up?  It looks like it wants to flop right over.  I don’t believe you; I think someone drugged her and that is the only reason she isn’t crying.


This is an awkward shot but after I took it I noticed something important in the background.

Wasabi: Sparkle time!

Mango: Yes!  Grow up well, Wasabi!

Frittata: *has more Stu Surprise ice cream*

Honey: *regurgitates*

Bon Bon: You silly Cow Plant!  Give me that slice of cake!

Edamame: What is Bon Bon doing with the cow plant.

When I took this picture I didn’t notice her.  I didn’t even know she was home from school yet.  I was too focused on the birthdays.

Frittata: *sniff* I’m going to need more ice cream for breakfast.


Tada!  Wasabi!  She gained the neurotic trait.  Now she is a lazy neurotic loner.

Wasabi: I want to be a hermit when I grow up!

Edamame: What rodent nested in her hair?  Find it and kill it for crimes against beauty!  Next picture, I can look at this child no more.

Frittata: You are cruel.  This child is your blood.

Edamame: I will not claim her.


This is when I realized that Bon Bon must be home from school.  Her friend Mary Kay Shallow certainly seems to have a thing for Wellington.

Mary Kay Shallow: I just love your monocle.  Could I polish it for you?

Tread carefully Wellington, she’s a minor.


Here is the newly made over Wasabi.  I was incredibly distracted by other things happening and totally forgot to get the makeover pic before this.

Wellington: I do say, this child needs to bathe!



Edamame: Wait, who is that?

Frittata: THAT’S MY BABY!

Bon Bon: *muffled screams*


OMG!  The cow plant swallowed her.  IT SWALLOWED HER!  Do you see the Grim Reaper there?  He’s not here for Fritty!

Then suddenly there was no light and my pictures suck!  Thank you full moon!  Just know there are sims in this picture crying.

Cow Plant: *gulp*  Ahhhhh, tasty.

Frittata: *cries*


The dying scene.  Stupid cow plant.

Frittata: *cries more*


And there she she goes.  It’s the last we will see of Bon Bon.   *cries*


Edamame: Would you shut up!  I have a serious question that I need to have answered!

Frittata: *cries quietly*


Calm down, Edamame.  Peach and Lox are tied for spareship (not a real word).  Which means we will now have dual heirs.  Which makes me very excited because we haven’t seen a male heir since Barley.  So, as sad as this saturation is we still have a good outcome.

Edamame: Next time make sure you feed that cow plant.  I can’t take this kind of stress.  I don’t want to die twice *points to Frittata*.

Back to the story.


In his grief Steak lashed out at Honey.

Steak: What do you care!  You never liked her anyway.  You’re probably enjoying this!  This is all your fault!!!!


Then they both cried together.

Bon Bon wasn’t the only one to leave the Legacy House that night.

49 Steak threw everything he had at this LTW and finally did it!  I tried to move him out, but I’m having problems due to the size of my house.  The game is telling me I can’t move one sim out because the active household is too large.  It wants me to move out more sims.  Not happening right now.  So, now that I think about it; Steak may have to die.

Anyway, let me know what you think.  Should I have dual heirs and find an unpleasant way to kill off Steak (because, you know, I’m frustrated over Bon Bon’s tragic death).  Or should I have another heir vote?  Who’s upset that Bon Bon died?  Shout it out in the comments below.





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19 Responses to Chapter 97: Something Goes Here

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  2. shonnybear says:

    Hi first of all let me say i love your’s one of my favorites! And i also had a problem with the game telling me I can’t move one sim out because the active household is too large and wanting me to move more out..this will help you:
    Once again I love your legacy and can’t wait for you to update soon!

  3. selahgio says:

    Omg, I can’t believe you added simself! O: Thanks for adding her doll. Link me yours someday, CC free preferably. I still can’t figure out custard xD And omgg never get rid of Edamame. She is soooo freaking funny, great idea keeping around after all of these generations. And woah Honey seems moody? Maybe she’s already pregnant? I’m surprised Edmame didn’t assume they got married because Honey was pregnant! xD Omg Honey’s face in Screenshot 25, just killed me! Beef Wellington better keep away from that jailbait! xD Great chapter! Sorry for the long comment. And you could get Steak out of the house by splitting the household in edit town? You may have to get rid of some Sims along with him :/ Goodluck 🙂

  4. missmiserie says:

    Oh no! Not Bon Bon! Even though I didn’t think I voted for her in the heir poll, that’s so sad to see her go 😦 Oh well, the new spare heirs will do a great job taking over. That’s what spares are there for!

    • skehrer says:

      I’m so thankful I didn’t move them out. I guess being greedy for points can payoff. At least if Peach or Lox kick the bucket I already have Peach’s children to fall to.

  5. Elocine says:

    Although I’m really sad about Bon Bon, I have to admit that I’m kinda happy, too. I really, really wanted Lox to be heir because Honey cracks me up. So… it wasn’t the way I wanted it to happen, but I’m happy with the outcome!

    OMG is it just me, or does Edamame just keep getting meaner? Love it!

    • skehrer says:

      Honey cracks me up too. I can have a hard time writing for her though, I’m not sure how I should type the words for her. I can’t wait to see what their children will look like.
      Edamame is a cold-hearted bitch. And yes, I do believe she’s getting worse.

  6. Yum-Yum says:

    Remind me again why you even have the cow plant? And poor Bon-Bon, did she even get to go to the dance?

    • skehrer says:

      Why do I have the cow plant? I can’t answer that, other than I never used one while playing Sims 2 and wanted to give it a go. Bon Bon paid the price…

      No she did not get to go to prom. Kix became a teen and left boarding school so she could enjoy her teenage years at home. Hopefully she goes to prom and finds a love interest.

  7. Raegan says:

    Aww, I’m sad that BonBon died. That really sucks. I think dual heirs would be fun ^^ I’m really excited to see what happens.

  8. Senny Paine says:

    Steak should move or die, I have a strange feeling HIS kids would freak me out. Unless they are time machine kids because I’ve never had one.

    • skehrer says:

      I think he may become cow plant lunch. The game doesn’t recognize him as a relative and I want to try and limit the inbreeding possibilities. So after he upgrades all my appliances I will serve him up to the cow plant!

  9. Gargantua says:

    I’m very glad to see the Foods once again, and to know that you are back and well. I can sympathize with the effort it takes to move a legacy to a new hood, as I just did it myself. It takes so LONG, even with mods from the simming Lord Twallan. Thanks for redumping Garg into your hood. I hope she causes you much mischief. Sim!Sarah is still waddling around in the Byrd hood. She is usually always pregnant, LOL!

  10. badwolf says:

    I have that same shirt problem. When I checked my downloaded Sims to see where it came from no one had it

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