Chapter 98: Recycle Style

Last time on the Food Legacy tragedy struck and my heiress, Bon Bon died.  That’s it, I’m too sad/depressed/heart-broken/miserable to remember anything else.  After Bon Bon died I actually stopped playing the Food because I was so disgusted.  So let’s see what this update has for us.

Edamame: Just a little Bitter aren’t you?

Shut your hole, Edamame.


When Peach returned home from work that night (the night of the tragedy) she fell apart.

Peach: Oh no, no!  My sister!

2 We all deal with grief in our own ways.  Honey’s way happens to be the slutty way.  When I saw this pop up I was at first annoyed by it.  Sims, it seems are whore by design because they will sniff after anything that walks.  But then I decided to check out the situation because I thought Honey was in bed with Lox.


Honey must have a hidden Inappropriate Trait, because children!

Mango: Look, Honey, I’m not going to bed with you.

Honey: Mangoooooooooo!  Bawn Bawn juss doyd.  I need someone to hold me.

Edamame: Oh, she has such cute pajamas.


Honey: Flowas?  How ‘bout some flowas.  Will flowas help?

Mango: No, no, not at all!


Honey: *sad sigh*

Edamame: She’s doing everything short of begging him.

Shh! That might be next.

Edamame: Let me tell you what she should do.

Oh Please do.

Edamame: She should get him drunk and then sneak into his bed while he’s sleeping and–


Edamame: Wait, whatjusthappened?

Frittata: You totally did that to Donut and he told the world!

Edamame: No.  No, I said, she should do it.  I did not say that I personally did it.  I wouldn’t do something like that.  Ehem.  What’s happening around town?

Nice segue.

6 Starla and Don Lothario have found love or lust or just-something-to-pass-the-time-until-something-better-comes-along.

7Selah is feeling a little needy.

8  That may or may not have effected her friendship with Sabrina.

9 Candi and Bennie Dean seem to have split.  At least I hope, if not that’s a pretty cold thing for Andie Sim to do to her roommate.

Edamame: Alls fair in love and war.


Kix became a teenager while she was at boarding school.  I brought her home so she could go to the prom.  SOMEONE NEEDS TO GO TO PROM IN THIS HOUSE!  By the looks of it we brought her home just in time.

Edamame: Sparkling Plumbob above my head!  What have they done to her?

Frittata: The poor thing was starving and nearly naked.

Edamame: No, not that.  Look at her face!  That haircut is totally wrong for her.


And after a quick makeover she looks much better.

Frittata: She was still starving though.

Edamame: So.  At least she looks good now.  I was hungry my entire life and NO ONE heard me complain.

I beg your pardon!  I think you’re doing that creative history thing again.  All you did was complain.

Edamame: It’s artistic license.

Frittata: Oh, so now your life was a work of art?

Edamame: I am a work of art!

Back to Kix.  She gained the Eco-Friendly trait while she was at school.  And while she is still grumpy she has found some peace and decided to focus her energy on saving Mother Earth. 

Edamame: Oh no.


Kix went straight up to her room and logged on to YouTube.

Kix: Ok, is this recording?

Edamame: Ugh, her room looks like a bunch of junk tossed together.


Where she started her own channel called Recycle Style.

Edamame: *groans* Hippies.

EarthGirl4Lyfe: Hey, YouTubers, it’s me EarthGirl4Lyfe.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *reads notes* I’m starting this to show my Recycle Style and to show you–


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *remembers to look at webcam* –you how you can get it too.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *reads notes* So join me next we when we begin with our first project


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Making treasure from trash, that’s my Recycle Style.  What’s yours?  This is EarthGirl4Lyfe signing off.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: And on a personal note: It’s really important that we save the Earth, because we, like, live here. 


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Yeah, it’s that important.  *logs off youtube*


Kix: Ahhh, I really hope that was okay.

Edamame: *stunned silence*  Umm, can we just make sure she doesn’t become heir?  I don’t know if I can take all of her preachy, preachy…ness.

Frittata: I think she would be perfect for the next heir!  She’s passionate about something.


Kix made the best face while she was recording her show.  Guys, the monkey gene is still there!


Yes!  Live on Donut!

Anyway, Kix was about to run off to school when I was told the adult won a FREE VACATION!  How could this go wrong?  Please, nothing go wrong…


Only problem is, Lox was finally about to go to work for the first time!  Grrrrr…

Lox: Welcome home, Kix.  Looks like I’ll see you in a few days.

Wasabi: Everyone is leaving on my first day of school?!  What if, what if, what if there are other people there?  What if there are a lot of other people there!!!  Will someone carry me there?  I think I’m about to have a panic attack.

Edamame: WHAT is her deal?

Frittata: She prefers her own company.


There goes the family.  That’s Frittata’s red plumbob; she spent the night grieving over the death of her youngest child and didn’t get much sleep or bathing done. 

Edamame: That’s going to be a fun car ride.

Frittata: Would you have not grieved if your youngest died?

Edamame: In short: No.

When I got back to the house I noticed that Wellington was gone.  I have no idea what happened to him.  Maybe after his first day on the job he decided to run.  Can’t say I blame him.


Wasabi: Thanks for carrying me to the bus, Kix.  I’m so glad no one else is here but the bus driver.  You don’t think he wants to talk to me do you?  Is he looking at me? *stares at the floor*

Kix: Don’t worry, Wasabi, I won’t let Mom send you off to boarding school.

Wasabi: BOARDING SCHOOL!!!!!!  I can’t go there.  They’ll take away Mr. Pickles and I can’t have them taking away Mr. Pickles.

Edamame: Oh please send her away.  I can not take another minute of her whining.  And who is Mr. Pickles?

Frittata: Mr. Pickles is Wasabi’s special friend.


This is the babysitter, Justin Ortez.  He’s a real gem.  All he did was play on his smart phone.

Frittata: Babysitters are the worst!  I heard that they used to take of with the kids.

Edamame: I was never so lucky…


Luckily Jimica was teaching herself to talk in the play yard.

Edamame: Not only can children now learn to walk by themselves, but they can also teach themselves to talk?  PLEASE tell me they can potty train themselves too!

Not quite.


But poor Lettuce had to sit the entire time in a diaper that smelled like it had five angry skunks in it.

Edamame: *gags* Ugh, I think I can taste it.

Frittata: We won’t be hiring him again if we can help it.


When the girls got home Wasabi went right to her room to have her calming time with her special friend, Mr. Pickles.

Edamame: That’s a pretty creepy doll.

Frittata: Oh no, it’s darling.  A distant cousin or aunt or….friend sent it to her when she was born.  *thinks*  Now, who was that?

And when I tried to have Kix take Jimia out of the play yard my game froze and I had to crash out.  I had to do it all over again; only this time the adults weren’t offered a vacation.


This time Lox actually went to work!


When he got there he discovered that Raina had followed him also moved from Sunset Valley to Riverview.

Lox: Raina?

Raina: Lox?


Raina: OMG!  LOX!!!!!

Edamame: Was Raina the “big surprise” you promised?


Edamame: Is that the best you could do? *yawn*



And then in the heat of the moment Raina planted a huge kiss on Lox. 

Lox: *thinks he may have married the wrong sim*

Edamame: Oh YESSSSSSSS!  I love me some Raina!  I’m so glad your game froze. 

Look at that thought bubble.  That was some kind of kiss.  He doesn’t get thought bubbles like that when he kisses Honey.


Raina: I love it when a plan comes together.


Raina immediately got a job at the fire station.


Back at home I did some bedroom rearranging.  Since Bon Bon is gone *cries* I moved Kix into her old room and Wasabi got Kix’s old room.  This is Wasabi’s new black and white room.


There is a whole lot of black and white happening here.


And this is Bon Bon’s old/Kix’s new room. 


Edamame: It still looks like a bunch of junk to me.

Frittata: That’s because it is.  It’s really quiet marvelous; she collects all of this stuff from the dump and transforms them into–

Edamame: That’s disgusting.   And you know what else is disgusting?  How you think it’s so amazing.  You do realize she is living in GARBAGE.


Later that night Honey and Lox finally got it on in the tree house.  Hopefully Honey will be a bit more pleasant to be around.

Peach: Are you brushing your teeth, Kool Aid?  You don’t want them to fall out do you?

Edamame: Does this have anything to do with what happened at  the Firehouse?

Funny you should mention that during this he was rolling wishes to do things at the firehouse.  Work related things.

Edamame: Raina should move next door.  She’d be very neighborly.

Frittata: I know what you’re thinking.  Lox is a good boy he won’t do anything like that. 


My sound was off so I have no idea if a lullaby was played.

Peach: No, Kool Aid, do not stick your feet in the koi pond.  The koi will eat your toes, Kool Aid.  Do you want the koi to eat your toes?  How will you walk?

Edamame: What kind of conversation are Peach and Kool Aid having anyway?

Frittata: Kool Aid is clumsy.  If he sticks his feet in the pond he will probably fall in.  Maybe he won’t put his feet in the pond if he thinks the fish will eat his toes?  I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

Edamame: Well, thanks for that lengthy explanation about nothing.  Jeez, if you don’t know what you are talking about then don’t speak.

Frittata: *whispers* Pot calling the kettle black.


Cow Plant: Mmmm, snack time!

Peach: I really need to go inside.

I don’t know why I still have that thing after it ate my heir.  I think I’ll replace it with the chicken coop.

Edamame: How many people are living in this house?  Leave the cow plant I say, it will slim the pickings and the heir vote will be easier when it comes.  Maybe it will eat Honey and Raina can move in to comfort Lox.  But then again I am really looking forward to seeing a Honey go all Honey Badger on Raina.


After Honey and Lox came down from the tree house she was so happy she broke into song.  Unfortunately, she used Miller’s guitar.

Edamame: Well, why not.  Miller’s not using it.  LOL, OMG ROTFLMAO!

Frittata: *fumes* Is that some kind of code talk?  I don’t understand what you just said.

Edamame: Why don’t you go ask Kix.  I’m sure she’s down with the 411. 

Oh no, just shut up already, Edamame.  You’re going to say something we will all regret.


Frittata noticed Honey playing her late husband’s guitar and had a few words for her.


Edamame; WHOA!  Unattractive!  What did you say to her anyway?

Frittata: I don’t know, I saw red.  I may have said something about feeding her to the cow plant if she ever touched Miller’s guitar again.


On the other side of the room Kix is tweeting about her latest dumpster dive. 

Edamame: *cringes*  G-G-G-Gross…

So far I am having a lot of fun with Kix.  I have a plan for her college days.  *rubs hands together*


Bon Bon decided to make a nightly visit for an ice cream cone.  I also enlarged the kitchen so I could fit in the replicator that Steak gave to the family.  He’s been making upgrades to my appliances until I boot him out.


The laundry was moved to the basement outside the Butler’s bedroom.  Speaking of Wellington the morning after Bon Bon was eaten he decided to do a disappearing act on me. He stood in the living room right nest to Peach (who was cued to talk to him) and vaporized.  I guess he’s back on the Enterprise now.  *sigh*

49 Looks like Sabrina has stolen Starla’s man.  Not that Don Lothario can be had by an one woman.


Scrolling around town I saw this.

Sabrina Sim: *very angry words*

Guy behind Sabrina: Dang, lady, get a grip.


Which completely coincided with this notification.  I think we all know why Sabrina was upset now.

Besides that the Simselves have been keeping a low profile around town.

Well, that’s it for this update.  I have to start playing through my testy play for The Testy’s in Fall.  Watch for that update.


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9 Responses to Chapter 98: Recycle Style

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  2. selahgio says:

    Lord you know how to make me laugh. i think my stomach is about to fall out from all this laughing! And Simself has a thing for old men sadly.. Call it a sugar daddy complex I guess. I dunno. Finally Honey got laid! But maybe Lox should get some of that chick at the firestation :3 upgrade?

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you, I’m so glad I could make you laugh!

      I love Raina. I really want to see Lox/Raina babies. So… I guess that’s going to happen at some point.

      After the next heir vote I swear I am removing all the extra sims from the house and only keeping the ones I need. There are far too many sim happening in this house!

  3. Yum-Yum says:

    Why don’t you use the cow plant to get rid of whoever you wanted moved out? (I forgot already)

  4. JonesISBI says:

    LOL! I’ve only read this chapter of your legacy and i wanna read more xD It’s amazing! The Cow Plant!!! LOL.
    Aw I love it ❤
    You have an amazing legacy! Would you mind checking out mine and my friend's?

    Thanks so much! :)))

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of my legacy as much as you have enjoyed this post! And thank you for the link to your legacy I will be sure to check it out. 🙂

  5. flamestar71 says:

    I LOVE this legacy. Read through it in a matter of a day or two. Honey makes me laugh so much. I love your commentary idea, would you mind if I used a commentary style similar to this on my blog? your legacy rocks! Please make another chapter soon, but I know you’re busy and all.

    Thanks for finding time in your business to post this!

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