Chapter 99: Almost 100

Well, it’s been a FREAKING long time since the last update.  But Summer is here and hopefully the update will be plentiful!  Enough dilly dallying on with the update!

Last time on the Food Family Legacy:  We all cried (and some not) over the death of the legacy’s late heiress, Bon Bon.  It was decided that since Peach and Lox tied for second place they would both be heir(ress).  One thing is for sure, the next vote is going to be involved because Peach and Mango have five children.  We also learned that Raina followed Lox to Riverview and Lox has secret hidden feelings for his new co-worker.

Edamame: Oh, who is his new co-worker.

Frittata: It’s Raina, you idiot!

Edamame: It’s too early to be so hostile.  Can’t you wait until at least 10 pictures in?

Frittata: *sigh*

Leave her alone, Edamame.  She’s seen too much of her father lately.

Edamame: Uh…  Is she dead?  If she’s dead, then what is she still doing here?  Shouldn’t I be talking to one of the other heirs or something?

Frittata: I’M NOT DEAD YET!  Stop trying to kill me!

Can we just get on with this?  Enquiring minds want to know what is going on.

Edamame: Who’s stopping you?


The first thing I noticed when entering my game was Honey in her exercise clothing.

Edamame: Awe, she looks so cute.

Frittata: You only like her because she’s sniffing after Mango like she’s in heat.

Edamame: Maybe she is in heat.  I mean, if Lox can’t give her a baby I think Mango has proven that he has what it takes to produce.

Frittata: You’re disgusting.

Edamame: No, I’m gorgeous and you’re jealous.

Frittata: *snorts*


Let’s check on what Steak is doing.  Oh look, he’s upgrading the Food Replicator.  I’ve decided to go along with what commenter Yum-Yum said and Cow Plant Steak when he is finished with all the upgrades the house needs.  The family tree has been broken anyway and he’s always trying to get into Frittata’s pants.  This way there won’t be any stray unrelated Foods cluttering up my town.  It’s a win-win situation.

Edamame: For you anyway.

Yes, exactly.


Honey: UH!  Steak, I need to oose the deep froyah!  I’m stahvin!

Steak: Not right now, Honey!  I literally can not leave this food replicator.  I’ve tried three times already!

Lox: Hmmm, I wonder if I should go back to school…

Edamame: What did you do?  Chain him to the replicator?

Only until he was finished.


Meanwhile, upstairs Stu Surprise strikes again.

Mango: Wasabi, you have got to leave this room.  Daddy needs to do a number two!

Wasabi: No, that’s okay, Daddy.  I’ll just cover Mr. Pickles’ eyes.

Mango: No, Wasabi.  You do not want to be in here when this happens.  I don’t want to be in here when it happens.

Edamame: Can’t you make your family something else?  Anything else?

Frittata: What are you talking about?  I am fine with it.  i think it’s all in their heads.


Across the hall Kix was working on her next YouTube video for her channel Recycle Style.

EarthGirl4Lyfe: Hey, YouTubers, it’s me EarthGirl4Lyfe with another Recycle Style video.

Edamame:  Oh jeez.

Frittata: Oh, it’s very cute.  She puts these little videos out on the enter web and other people can see them.

Edamame: What is this enter web?  Why can’t people get their information from newspapers like the rest of us?  Is it YouTube, or U-Tube, or EweTube?  And why sheep?

Frittata: Tsk.  You’re so behind the times.  It’s about the information freeway.

Edamame: Information freeway?

Can we get back on track ladies?


EarthGirl4Lyfe: In my last video I promised my first craft.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: I’m going to tell you how I made this book shelf behind me.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: It’s pretty simple really.  You just need three produce crates and scrap metal.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: OHWAIT!


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Be sure to have and use all the required safety equipment when working with these items.  And positively make sure your tetanus shots are up to date.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Anyway, back to the shelf.

Edamame: Ugh.  How long is this going to last?


EarthGirl4Lyfe: I did all the welding myself, but you make choose to have someone do it for you.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Um…*thinks*  yeah, so that’s it for the shelf.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: If you look over here on the left…right.  I mean the right.  You will see my teacup chair.  I scavenged this chair from an abandoned theme park.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Again, really a pretty simple thing to do.  All you need is a chainsaw, paint and a staple gun.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Just be careful with the chainsaw, because these *shows hands* are important.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Next week we will talk about my favorite light fixture.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Making treasure from trash, that’s my Recycle Style.  What’s yours?  This is EarthGirl4Lyfe signing off.


Kix: AGAJLDFJADFJ!!!!  Why do I always feel like and idiot when I do one of these?


Then Kix went downstairs to upload her video to YouTube/U-Tube/EweTube.

Edamame: People don’t know her real name do they?  I mean, they don’t know she’s part of my legacy, right?


Then Kix went and rolled her LTW.  Blog Artist!

Edamame: 10 blogs?  10 BLOGS?!  How can anyone talk that much about garbage?  *shivers*

Frittata; I don’t know, but it will be interesting to find out.

And before I forget to mention this, from the looks of it Kix does not get to go to prom.  Bummer!

Edamame: AHHH!  You could have left her at boarding school and we wouldn’t have to watch these lame videos and pretend like they are interesting!

Frittata: You are so cold.

Edamame: Yes, Icy is my middle name!

Wait, Icee is your middle name?

Edamame: Wait, what?

I thought you kinda resembled each other.  Do you think you could have been related?  Is Icee a family name?

Edamame: No, no.  Icee, no!  I was only kidding.  And…and related?!  Thank you very much, but no!  Barley did not marry a relative.  Incest did not enter into our family until Kit Kat hooked up with her brother Escargot!  I’m telling you, there was some nasty happening with that generation.  But I’m not going to point any fingers, because I’m not that kind of person.

Frittata: No.  Incest didn’t enter into our family until Raspberry’s disastrous obsession with Crisco and kidnapping of his son, Brennan.

No ladies I believe the incest actually happened a generation before Raspberry and Crisco with…

Edamame: Kit Kat and Escargot!  Thank you!

No!  Kit Kat and Escargot’s grandchildren started the incest.

Edamame: Oh no, it runs in the family!


Back to our story: Wasabi finally left the bathroom so her father could make his deposit!

Wasabi: Oh Mr. Pickles, I miss Bon Bon so much!

She then started to serenade Mr. Pickles with I Will Always Love You.


Wasabi then rolled her LTW to be a Vocal Legend!  I don’t remember any other Sim rolling their LTW as a child.  I could be wrong, I’d need to check back through the blog, but I am too lazy to do that right now.

Edamame: Big surprise there.


And check out who’s back!  Beef Wellington!  I had to hire a new Butler and when he showed up it was Wellington!  Awesome!

Edamame: I never had a butler, I don’t see why Frittata is so special that she should have one.

Frittata: You were also never a celebrity.

Edamame: Excuse me!  EVERYONE knew who I was.

Well, that’s because of Donut’s book.

Edamame: …


It started to rain outside.  Apparently, the greenhouse has a leaky roof, something I thought was fixed with a store patch.  Glad it was fixed because my sims would be drenched otherwise.


(Cue next picture where Honey is dripped wet.)  Honey is not the best gardener; she’s constantly becoming distracted.

Lox: What is she doing?

Honey: I wunda what Mango’s doin’.

Edamame: She is desperate for a taste of Mango!

Frittata: Hahaha!


Then Mango came outside and Honey forgot that she was helping in the garden.

Honey: *nervous laugh* Oh hi, Mango.

Mango: Hi, Honey.  Have you seen Peach?

Honey: Uh, Peach?  No, Oy have no oydea wheyuh she is.

28 Then this loveliness popped up.

Edamame: Like we didn’t already know this?

Frittata: Here, here.

Why are you two agreeing with each other suddenly?

Frittata: Enjoy it while it lasts.


Noticing Mango’s discomfort and that his wife was the cause of it, Lox came over to see what was happening.  Honey didn’t notice him.

Lox: Hey guys, what’s going on?

Honey: *stares into Mango’s eyes*

Mango: *tries to look around Honey*

Edamame: She’s not doing a very good job at hiding her crush.

Frittata: Ya think?

Lox: Want to take a swim, Mango?

Mango: *yells* YES!


Right after being ignored by his significant other, Lox rolled this wish to date Raina.

Edamame: Oh my, he’s really turning into a bad boy.

Frittata: I think it’s sad.  He’s desperate for attention.


Over on the other side of the lot the naughty gnomes are at it again.  What is Papa Bear doing to Lincoln!?!?!

Edamame: Ugh, that is disgusting.  You need to censor that.


Inside the house, Kix (who still hadn’t gotten dressed) decided to check on her blog.  She was so excited she could barely contain herself.  She closed her eyes tight while the screen loaded.

33 Ohhhhhh, snap!


Kix was not happy.  She got dressed and left the house on a mission to find something blog-worthy.

Edamame: Good thing it Summer.  I would hate to see her face freeze like that. 

Frittata: That’s a terrifying thought.

Edamame: Isn’t it?  I mean as a woman the only thing you have is your looks, and when you screw half of that up with a look like that…

Frittata: You’re an idiot.

Edamame:  What!


Instead of heading to the junk yard she ended up at the dumpster outside the diner.

Kix: I should find something blog-worthy in here.

Edamame: Wait.  I don’t understand.  She’s not about to–


Kix: What is that?  I think I can use it.

Edamame: Uh, what?


Kix: I just need to reach it…

Edamame: Anyone else starting to feel itchy?


Kix: Whoa!

Edamame: *starts panting* Oh no, oh no, oh no.


Kix: Almost got it…

Edamame: *dry heaves*

Frittata: UGH!  Can you please do that somewhere other than my ear!


Edamame: What’s this?  She’s in trouble now!  POPCORN!!!!

Frittata: I thought you were about to be sick?

Edamame: Next time you should bring your butler.

Frittata: No! 


Cop: Get out of the dumpster and go home and take a shower.

Kix Awwww, man!


Cop: Don’t let me catch you out here again.

Kix: UGHHHHH!  That would have been great in my bedroom!

Edamame: WHAT!?!

Kix was very lucky that the police officer didn’t feel like doing his job at that moment.


Cop: I got ta go get my grub on.

Edamame: What kind of town is this?  I don’t believe the police officers in Sunset Valley would have been so lenient.


Let’s check on Steak!

Edamame: I see he finally changed out of that disgusting chainmail.

He tried to go to bed.  I had to change his mind for him.


Outside, Mango noticed his wife entering the house.  He was out of the pool before Honey could say, ‘Hi, Mango.’

Mango: *kissing sounds*

Peach: What’s that all about?

Mango: I just had to show you how much I love you.

Frittata: Awe.

Edamame: *snorts* Please.


By the pool Lox decided to have it out with his wife.

Lox: Honey, I don’t understand you anymore.

Edamame: Wait!  I feel like I should have popcorn.


Lox: you sat by this pool the the entire time and only ever looked at Mango.

Honey: I don’t know what your problem is!


Lox: My problem is with you and this thing you have for Mango!  He’s a married man and you’re my wife!  You should be giving me all the attention you are giving Mango!

Honey: Oh PLUMBBAWB!  You are so needy!

Edamame: Look at the face she is making! 


Lox: Will you please, PLEASE forget about Mango?

Honey: *thinks*


Lox: *begs* PLEASE….

Frittata: This is so hard to watch.

Edamame: I know…should’ve had popcorn…


Honey: Oh awl roight!  I’ll troy ta fahget ubout hem.

Lox: *is relieved*

Edamame: Well, that was easy.


And then Honey did her wifely duty and made out with her husband.


Only she couldn’t keep her promise.

Lox: *really get’s into the kiss*

Honey:*thinks about Mango*


At this point I sent most of the family to bed with the exception of Steak (my upgrade slave), Lox went to check the mail and Fritty and Peach went to the Bistro for opportunities.  I decided to cruise the town and check on the SimSelves.  Here you can see Candi sitting next to Hal Breckenridge and eyeing the young teenager, Dallas Shallow.

Dallas: She’s checking out my ass isn’t she?


I found Starla outside a community lot.  Apparently she’s messed with the mafia or something because she’s wearing a pair of concrete pants.

Edamame: Another reason why Sunset Valley is better.


Oh no!  Starla no, don’t go!

Edamame: That is just creepy.

Frittata: I had a nightmare like this once.

Edamame: No one cares!


Then suddenly she freed herself.

Edamame: Well, you’d think she’s be happy to be free.  I guess there’s just no pleasing some people.

Frittata: You can say that again!

Edamame: What is up with her boots?  Girlfriend needs a new pair of shoes!


Looks like Bennie Dean has come back to Candi.

59 But that could be because Andie found herself a new man.


Edamame: I can tell you how it makes me feel.

Steak received a letter from Olivia Hoyt.  Sadly, Steak has no time for her, no time at all.


Lox and Honey received their wedding gifts.  So thoughtful of Peach to give antlers, Honey will love them.

Edamame: Oh those antlers will be a great addition to their Hello Kitty/Vomit room.


Gift giving is hard.  I mean really what do you give a legacy family?

Frittata: Well, I thought the statue would look lovely somewhere on the lawn.

Edamame: So you bought them a gift for you?

Frittata: Go choke on something.


They even got a gift from Raina.  How sweet.

64 And speaking of Raina, looks like she’s about to be free of her chains.


It was at this time that I noticed Peach had left the bistro and was in mourning!  I freaked out thinking that Frittata had died at the bistro!  When I zoomed over there everything was fine.


Frittata and Peach ran to the front of the bistro where my sim was dying.

Frittata and Peach: *sadness*

Death: Frittata, so glad you could join us!  You too Peach.

Edamame: HAHAHAHAHAAH!  Your sim died!  Wait, if your sim died, how are you still here?

Don’t confuse yourself, Edamame.


Check out this jerk!

Kurt Shallow: BWAHAHA!  Your narrator just died!

Edamame: Wow, he really is shallow.  Still, he is kinda handsome.

Frittata:  Of course.




Sarah Kehrer: No please no!  Let me stay.  I have so much unfinished business.  A…and my daughter, Raina, still needs me.

Death:  Not a chance.  And let’s hurry this up, I like to have a chat with my daughter.

Edamame: Uh-oh!  Sucks to be you.



Oh such sadness.


Death: FRITTATA… *clears throat* Frittata, how have things been?

Frittata: *not impressed*

Peach: *cries*

Frittata: *grumbles*


Frittata: *cries*  You killed the narrator!

Death: Yes, it was her time to go.  You will see her again.

Edamame: Dun dun DUUUUUUUUN!


Frittata and her father moved to a less crowded area to have a chat.

Death: Have you been getting regular check ups?  You want to make sure that ticker is in working order. *chuckles*

Frittata: *sighs*


Frittata: I can’t do this right now, I’m too sad.

Death: That’s fine. I’ll see you soon enough.

Edamame: *sighs* I know how you feel.  This is what living with Jello was like.  Constantly looking over your shoulder, paranoid that someone is trying to kill you.

Frittata: Only in my case someone really is and he’s my father.


Oh crap!  With all of the drama going down at the bistro I forgot it was Mango’s birthday!


Mango was upset that his wife was AWOL for his birthday.  But on the bright side Steak and Wellington were there and someone made Goopy Carbonara.

Edamame: No Stu Surprise?   Someone should wake the rest of the family!

Frittata: *sarcastic* Hahaha.


Mango: Well, I guess she’s not coming.

Mango then did his birthday spin and sparkles and revealed that he looked the same…


Wellington: *cries*  Birthdays are so special.

Edamame: What a pansy!


Ok, party’s over back to work with you, Steak!  And hurry it up that ice cream maker needs to be cleaned!

Well, it looks like this post is long enough for now.  Until next time, happy simming!


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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9 Responses to Chapter 99: Almost 100

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  2. selahgio says:

    You got 99 chapters and a Sim ain’t one!? Great chapter as usual! I vote for Lox going for your simself’s daughter xD but Honey needs to keep her eyes on her own man before Lox kicks that pretty tail of hers out! D:

    • skehrer says:

      I know, 99 chapters and I am only on generation 6/7. I am so slow!

      I just don’t know about that Honey. I think she may have married Lox just to get close to Mango!

      • selahgio says:

        At least you’re not getting distracted from actually playing them. I suck at playing the same families for long periods of times.. So for my challenges I try to keep things fresh by moving them to new places every now and again, changing their outfits. So to me that’s a lot of progress! Plus the food family entertains me. I wish i could have came up with a name theme for my Sims xD.

        She probably did marry him to get close to Mango. Mango better do whatever it takes to make himself appear unattractive to Honey! D:

  3. Yes! A new chapter! I’ve been waiting forever. I read your legacy in like one day or two. It took a while to read but it was worth it. Your legacy rocks. Now, if only I stopped reading legacies and got working on mine. Could you check mine out? I’m going to need readers for the Gen 2 heir poll . I hope Lox and Raina get married. I admit, I’d miss Honey’s accent. Also, do you have the nraas mover mod? It could save Steak from the cow plant. Edamame always makes me crack up. I’m probably gonna vote for Kix. She rocks!

    • skehrer says:

      I did download the mover mod, I’m unsure exactly what I am going to do with him yet. But I really don’t need a town overrun with Foods again.

      I really enjoy having Kix in the house, she’s a lot of fun. I’m sure the others will be fun too though. I’m really excited to have Kool Aid come home from boarding school.

      Thank you for reading my legacy. I am very happy you enjoy it so much! I will be sure to check your legacy out. Is your vote up right now?

      • It’s probably a good idea to prevent Foods overrunning the town, if there was any more incest Edamame would like.. explode. My vote isn’t up yet, but I’m playing quickly so the poll will be either this week or next week. Thanks for replying :).

  4. Yum-Yum says:

    I honestly didn’t think you would use my suggestion XD.

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