Chapter 100: Centennial

*balloons and confetti fall from the sky* Can you believe it’s been 100 chapters!  Why am I not done with this legacy?  Also when I started this legacy I was pregnant with my second child; she is now four (on the 13th)!

Last time on the Food Family Legacy Frittata and Peach witnessed the death of my simself and are again with mourning moodlets!  Honey still has Mango Madness and now her (almost cheater) husband knows.  Lox is feeling the neglect of his wife and starting to think of another woman (Raina Kehrer).  Steak had become my upgrade slave with an undetermined future ahead of him.  Kix’s and her blog weren’t doing so well; she may benefit from attending a university.  Wasabi and Mr. Pickles continued with their unnatural bond. And simselves Candi and Andie continued with their boyfriend swapping. 


Wellington no!  Don’t touch that!

Edamame: Great, now you’re going to lose the butler.  The only thing this legacy has going for it.  Besides me, of course.

Frittata: Too bad we can’t lose you.


Beef Wellington: *gasp* Cake for me? 

Edamame: What flavor cake is that?

Frittata: Does it matter?  You ask the oddest questions.

Edamame: Yes it matters.  I could pass up say a yellow cake, but chocolate?  If that cake were chocolate I’d use my ninja-style moves and grab that cake so fast from that Cow Plant it wouldn’t even know I’d been there.

Frittata: So today you’re a ninja?


Lox was on his way to feed the Cow Plant when Wellington decided he was hungry.

Beef Wellington: My what big teeth you have!


Cow Plant: *munch*

Lox: Where’s the Beef?

Frittata: This is what happened to my dear Bon Bon…

Edamame:  Ugh. Are you going to start crying again?


Cow Plant: *wet mouth sounds*

Lox: Gross.


Luckily the Cow Plant didn’t like Beef Wellington and spit him back out.  I guess he wasn’t aw sweet as Bon Bon.


Beef Wellington: I do say, ol’ chap, that was a wretched experience!

Edamame: I wonder what it feels like…

Frittata: I wish you could find out…


This time to keep Wellington occupied while Lox fed the Cow Plant I had Mango ask him some advice.  Apparently it is of the toilet variety.

9Sound advice.

Edamame: OH that is just nasty!


Having a butler has really made this family lazy!

Edamame: That is a disgusting counter!  I can’t believe you even bought an ice cream maker!  Do you know how fat this family is going to get!

I have to give them something, all they ever have for dinner is Stu Surprise.

Edamame: Ahhhh, true.

Frittata: They eat it and they like it!


Then I found Honey talking to Mango again!

Mango: Look, even if science depended on our mating.  I wouldn’t sleep with you.

Lox: I would.  I will.  I would like to.  Please…

Edamame: Lox is so desperate.  What a turn off.

Frittata: She is his wife!

Edamame: *shrugs* Meh.


Mango: I do all of my ‘gardening’ with Peach.

Lox: I’ll plow your garden for you Honey.

Honey: Nawt naw, Lawx!


Lox left and started sending texts to Raina.  Raina is always there for him.

Frittata: There’s trouble in paradise.

Edamame: No, it’s a cheeseburger.  Cheeseburger in paradise.


Then suddenly I was distracted by Honey running for the toilet.

Honey: UUUUUUUURHGHRH!  How can I be hungry at a time like this?

Edamame: I know what this means!  But how?  And is it Mango’s?

Frittata: Eww, no.  Remember the tree house?

Edamame: *dissapointed* Oh yeah.


I thought so too until this happened. 

Kix: BLAAAAAAAAAH!  I’ll never eat Stu Surprise ice cream again! 

Edamame: Oh, I see.

16 I thought so too until this happened.

Edamame: *claps* I can’t wait to see who the father is.  Wait, didn’t you just say that?  Am I having Déjà Vu?

Frittata: Mango won’t sleep with her, you moron!

Edamame: There are ways…

Frittata: Oh no.  Nope!  I don’t want to know!


Honey popped a fritter into the fryer and popped into her maternity pjs.

Edamame: Those are maternity?

Frittata: They are when you’re trying to seduce a married man.

I later change them to something less R rated.


Of course she wants to have a girl.  Someone she can share her Hello Kitty collection with.

Edamame: That shouldn’t be too hard in this legacy.  Most of my descendants are female.

Frittata: Ugh, not a Hello Kitty nursery.


So I take a moment to check on Steak and yep, he’s working hard.


And I come back to this…

Edamame: This doesn’t happen when you drink your meals.

Frittata: This doesn’t happen when I make Miller’s favorite, Stu Surprise.

Edamame: But it should.


At least someone is on top of this thing!  Lox was in bed sleeping off his disappointment.


Sims started running into the room to yell at the fire.  Honey was completely oblivious to the fire!

Kix: I got out of bed for this?

Steak: Am I going to have to repair that?

Edamame: Maybe she thought she was having a hot flash.

Frittata: In that outfit?

Edamame: I hardly ever wore clothing and I still had hot flashes.

Frittata: Your poor children.

Edamame: My children were luck to see a fine female form such as mine!  Did you see the manatee that Barley married and Jello never saw another woman naked.

Frittata: That explains so much.

Regardless of the heat, there is a very loud fire alarm going off in the kitchen.  Pregnancy doesn’t make you deaf.


Buff came to check out the party.  It was hot!  (lame)

Kix: Seriously, guys, so tired…

Honey: PLUMBAWB! There’s a foiya!


Steak jumped all over Kix about the fire.

Steak: You making smoke signals and we’re not Native Americans.  This isn’t the 18th or 19th century!  Use your cell phone!

Kix: Wasabi is crying and I don’t have time for you.  Go upgrade something.

Edamame: i think you’re working him too hard.  He’s making no sense.


Kix was not very happy with Steak’s treatment of her

Edamame:  Well, who could blame her.  What a jack in the box!


Upstairs things were only getting worse.

Beef Wellington: Miss Kix, the other one is crying now!

Kix: *stomps down stairs*

Edamame: Um, what are their parents doing? 

Frittata: Peach had to go to work and Mango was hiding from Honey.  Now that she is on maternity leave he’s been spending a lot of time hiding.


Kix: *grumbles* Now I have to get her something to eat too?  Don’t they know I have a blog to maintain!


Kix: She better be happy with this fried turkey leg or I’m going to cram it down her throat!

Edamame: Ooh, sounds like a challenge. 


This face one came to pick Lox up for work. 

Lox:  You seem familiar, have we met?

Face One: I just have one of those faces I suppose.


At the Firehouse he greeted Raina with too much familiarity.

Lox: *sexy whispers*

Hunter Cottoneye: Oh Hell naw!


Hunter Cottoneye: RAINA I am standing right here!

Edamame: Something tells me that thing between Hunter and Raina is over.

Raina: *only has eyes for Lox*

Frittata: At least someone does.


These things pop up for Lox, but never for Honey.

Frittata: Honey hasn’t gotten close to actually doing anything yet.


I took a minute to check on Steak.  He was SLACKING!

Steak: *watches Masterpiece Theater*

Get back to work!


When I get back to Lox he’s not so gracefully crashing to the ground.

Edamame: Maybe Hunter pushed him.  I would have liked to see that.


He spent his time making upgrades and repairs.  I seem to have a glitch with the Firefighter Career.  When I get a notice of an emergency and I click on it, it goes a way and Lox gets a promotion, but he never goes to the emergency.  Anyone else have this issue?


Wait, plan her outfit?  Oh no, this is Kix.  She is going to make her outfit!  And I thought this was never going to happen!

Edamame: Let me guess: she needs fishing line, a stick of chewing gum and two rolls of toilet paper.

Frittata: Nope, but what she does use will definitely get a reaction from you.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Hey there YouTubers.  EarthGirl4Lyfe here with another Recycle Style video for your viewing pleasure.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: I’m in the bathroom getting ready for prom.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: I wanted to tell you about my prom dress, because prom is the perfect opportunity to show off your Recycle Style.  *shows dress*


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *looks at notes* I made this dress using a large burlap potato sack and two large flour sacks.  My vest is repurposed from the interior of a junked automobile.  You can download more details from my website.

Edamame: A POTATO SACK!  They’re all gonna laugh at youuuuuuuu!


EarthGirl4Lyfe: And it doesn’t have to be food sacks.  You could use an old sheet or even towels would be interesting.

Edamame: I guess you’d always have a towel available after washing your hands.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Oh is that the time?  I’ve got to go!


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Making treasure from trash, that’s my Recycle Style.  What’s yours?  This is EarthGirl4Lyfe signing off.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *forgets to turn off webcam* Tooth check…. Good.

Edamame: How embarrassing for me!  I can’t believe we are related.  I just shows you how breeding can dilute good genes.  I mean where is her common sense?

Frittata: Common sense?  Didn’t you sign into a contract to start a legacy and name your descendants after FOOD?

Edamame: Well, I didn’t read it first.

Frittata: My point exactly.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Makeup check… Good.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Time for prom.

Kix then left for prom with her computer and webcam running. Her viewers were audience to many, many things they will never forget.


Edamame: Her blog is terrible!

Frittata: She’s just not understood.  Give it time, people will come around.


Here is a shot of Kix as she arrived at the school.  I’m really surprised he went in a limo and not her bike.

Edamame: I don’t like it any better then I did earlier.  Why would you even bother showing us this picture.

Frittata: I think she looks darling.  And she made that all on her own.  So cute.


Back at home it’s time for dinner.

Honey: Look awl Oy want you ta do es dip your pen en moy inkwell.

Mango put down his fork, left the table and returned to hiding.

Edamame: Wow, she’s bold!

Ok, let’s see how prom went:


Edamame: I’ll bet it was hers!   *grumbles* Homemade prom dress…


Frittata: See!  I told you it would take off!

Edamame: I don’t believe that for a minute!

52 Edamame: *unladylike gufaw* 

Frittata: Seriously? You sound like a donkey braying.

53 Yeah, this came up twice.

Edamame: LIES!

Frittata: It’s happening!


Edamame: LAME!  Should have stayed in Sunset Valley.  They would have had kick ass prom decorations!


 Edamame: Is Kix part of a Fight Club or something?  She’s doing an awful lot of fighting.

And that’s all I have for the Foods.  Let’s check out the town!


Andie had found true love.  At least for now…


Awe Garg and Dan are getting maweed!  I may be old fashioned, but I think Dan should have done the asking.


Candi and Bennie are now getting married too!

Edamame: It’s spreading like a disease…


Elissa has found herself a new man!


I decided to check out what Elissa was doing at the time of the notification.  Here he is driving Sabrina around in her beater.


Then I checked on her man.  She must have dropped him off at home or something.

Edamame: Uhh, did he get dressed in the dark? 


That two-timing bastard!  Let’s hope Elissa finds out and dumps his ass.

Edamame: Or…OR…  She could use this a leverage for child support and custody after she had their love-child.  Though why anyone would want custody really is beyond me. 

Frittata: Your mind works in mysterious ways.

Edamame: *is proud* I know.


Andie up and kicked out Elissa!  It’s a terrible thing when friends turn on each other.

Edamame: She shouldn’t have gotten pregnant.  Next time use precaution.

Frittata: She’s not pregnant you dimwit!


Fear not, Elissa found a place to stay.  Darian better be careful bringing that other woman around.

Edamame: She is pregnant!  Why else would she be moving in with him!

Frittata: She was kicked out!  She’s not pregnant!

70 Oh, looky looky!


I love this!  If these two get married I will turn on the same-sex baby maker!

Edamame: Wait, how is that even possible?  Does this happen on the enter webs?

7273 Sabrina!  You are killing me here!

Well that’s all I have for this update!  I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for sticking with me through 100 posts!  Happy simming!


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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12 Responses to Chapter 100: Centennial

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  2. selahgio says:

    Kix and her videos are too much! And a pregnant Honey xD! Let’s hope she didn’t steal any of Mango’s baby gravy… Edamame is still something else xD And I rather see simself with Sabrina than those old coots she was chasing after before! Great chapter as always, and congrats on your milestone! *highfives*

    • skehrer says:

      Thanks for the high-five!

      I can’t take all the credit for the videos. I took inspiration from MissMiserie’s Southern Prettacy: ‘Fishin’ wit’ Jed’.

      And as far as Honey pregnancy there are some juicy bits to come. Stay tuned!

  3. Yum-Yum says:

    Happy 100! And the NPC sims sure love to cheat on other sims.

  4. Happy 100th chapter! It must’ve taken alot of boredom along the way, usually when I do legacies I get bored and quit when Gen 2 is born. My newest legacy will HOPEFULLY be completed… someday. How do you play and not get bored?I kinda sent a pre-100th chapter gift on the sims 3 site, hope you like it ^_^.. I love watching what the simselves are up to, can you put my simself into your game (it’s okay if you don;t) . Can’t wait for the next chapter. (Message for Lox: Get together with Raina already!). Poor Kix, she tries so hard.

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you!
      I don’t get to play my game enough to really get bored with it. I do keep a notebook where I put ideas in it for plots and Edamame quotes. Plus, I’m always open to reader comments/ideas. Sometimes I use them sometimes I’ll save them for later.
      I’ll grab your sim hopefully before I play next. If I don’t get another chapter out before Friday, I will most likely not be able to post at all for about a week. And I really have to start working on my next Testys chapter.
      Raina would love to get together with Lox too! But I don’t see Honey letting him go that easily, especially now that she is pregnant. Pregnant women can be SO emotional! 🙂

  5. Gargantua says:

    Gracious, but Honey sure is persistent. I have faith that Mango will be able to stay faithful to his wife, though. If Honey isn’t careful, she might end up out on the street if Lox dumps her for Raina, an outcome I would highly support. I, too, wonder about Kix and all that fighting. Up until now, we haven’t seen any evidence that she has a tendency to violence.

    As to Garg asking Dan…well, let’s just say it is very true to life. Just ask Geobe. 🙂

    Excellent update and looking forward to the next.

    • skehrer says:

      I know, those thought bubbles of hers: Mango, Mango, Mango!!! And he is so uninterested!
      Thanks for supporting the Lox/Raina movement! 🙂 Without giving anything away, we will have to watch and see….
      Kix and her violence totally took my by surprise too. Honestly, I am unsure how to handle it.
      Glad to know your sim is staying true to life!
      I really need to get caught up on your Byrds! Even second I have I’ve been playing or working on my own posts! Must…read…Byrds…

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