Chapter 101: 12 Hours is a Long Time

Edamame: *inhales deeply and exhales* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…  It’s good to be back!

After a year of dreading it I finally gave in to the urge to download and re-install my Sims 3 games.  It took me 12 hours!

Edamame: UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!  Enough of your first world problems!  I’m not talking to you. You neglected me for so long it’s going to take me at LEAST 12 minutes to get over it! OH, my life is so HARD!

Frittata: Can I please die now?  I need to get away from this freak!

Frittata, you can die at any time, truly, any time!  I actually forgot that you were still alive; totally thought you were dead.  Until I loaded the game and there you were… still.

So last time The Food Family Legacy had their 100th post and I then dropped off the face of the Earth due to computer issues and moving and children in school and yada yada yada.

Anyway, last time we learned Honey was pregnant from the one and only time she gave in to Lox. 

Edamame: Don’t forget that she has it bad, bad, bad for Mango.  Mango Fever!  Mango Madness!  Mango Mania!

Frittata: Beef Wellington took a trip through the Cow Plant.

Yeah, I should really get rid of that.  But I like the danger!

Frittata: Oh, Edamame now has ninja skills.

Edamame: I believe the kids are calling it skillzzzzzzZZZZ these days.  And I can be anything!

Just take a look.  It’s in a book.  Reading Rainbow!

Some other stuff happened, like Kix failing at her YouTube Channel Recycle Style.

Edamame: I guess I’m not the only one that doesn’t appreciate a potato sack prom dress!  Thank you public! 


After prom Kix returned home thinking of her next YouTube video.

Kix: I’ve got to wow them this time.  Maybe I should head to the junkyard and see what I can scavenge.

Frittata: She’s so frugal. *smiles*

Edamame: She’s going to catch some kind of incurable disease like Alfalfa did.

Ummmmm, I don’t believe that’s what happened with Alfalfa…

Edamame: Oh that’s right.  He romanced his cousin and ended up with The Fire Crotch and then spread it around to the ENTIRE TOWN of Sunset Valley and THAT is why the family had to move to craptastic town Riverview. *spits*  I hate this town.

Oooo…Kay… Emotional volcano…


Then before she could get inside the house…

Kix: Ohhhh, pretty lights.  I could repurpose those…



She didn’t run…


Edamame: Wonderful.  Absolutely freaking wonderful.  Let’s think of all the ways this legacy has failed me and my legacy.  Alien abductions…  Put this one up there on the top of the list with incest and kidnapping.

Frittata: Like it’s her fault.  Would you like to be abducted by and alien?

Edamame: You know what.  Aliens couldn’t abduct me; they couldn’t get through my Sphere of Awesome! 

*spits out drink* Sphere of Awesome?

Edamame: What?  It’s like a protective layer, like the Ozone Layer.

Frittata: The Ozone has a hole in it.

Edamame: *glares*


When she finally got home Kix quickly made a vlog post about her abduction.  She thought it was insightful, terrifying and full of information.  But in reality her post was a full three minutes of…

Kix: Uhhhhmmmmm… Muuuuuuummmmmmmm… Guuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh…

Edamame: Instead it was just terrifying.



Edamame: The inner net is stupid.

Frittata: That’s internet.

Edamame: That’s what I said!


She had to stay home from school the next day because she couldn’t control her bodily functions.

Edamame: Why are you doing this to me?

Frittata: To you?  I believe the aliens did it to Kix.  But you go ahead and believe it’s all about you.  You will anyway.

Edamame: Thank you.  Not that I needed your permission, but thanks anyway.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Edamame has no formal education whatsoever.  In fact, I don’t believe she’s had any informal education either.

Edamame: Let me tell you something, sweetie.  I learned what I learned from the streets, okay!  Before this legacy had this house *head swirl* I was living on the streets of Sunset Valley!

Frittata: *mouth drops open* I don’t believe what I just saw…

But shouldn’t your Sphere of Awesome protect you from anything harmful?

Frittata: *snicker*


I didn’t look up his name, but this guy is on the streets of Riverview!  I just can’t stop looking.

Edamame: Sunset Valley would have eaten him alive.

Frittata: I think you’re rewriting history again.


In other news, the honeymoon is over for Lox.


Lox: *stares at butt* So can we sleep in the same room tonight?

Honey: *rolls eyes* LAWX!  Oy godda think about the baby!


Lox tried to talk to Honey about the way he was feeling.

Honey: LAWX!  Yew did this ta me!  Do yew think Oy want tew of them in theya?

To say that Honey hates being pregnant would be a massive understatement.


Honey: *grits teeth* Leave. Me. Alone. Before. Yew. Regret. It.


Lox was incredibly hurt by this exchange.


So hurt that he bought a cabin on the other side of town so he wouldn’t bother his wife at night anymore.


Turns out one of his friends needed a place to stay…

Edamame: YESSSSSS!  Raina, I love Raina!  This legacy needs more Raina! *hums The Love Shack*

Get your mind out of the gutter, there are two bedrooms.

Edamame: Doesn’t mean both of them were used…

The next morning it was time for Lettuce’s birthday!!!!


All the sim selves were invited and they all boo’d Frittata as she ate her Stu Surprize ice cream.

Elissa: Eww gross, I can’t believe you put that in your mouth!

Sabrina: I can’t even look.

Frittata: No one else was going to eat it!


Peach: Ugh, that is so disgusting.

Thankfully everyone was so distracted with what Frittata was eating that no one noticed when Lox and Raina arrived together.


Right away Lox started mixing drinks as a distraction from his mother.

Sabrina: Finally, someone that knows how to throw a party!

Frittata: He’s such a good boy.


Starla had a BM on the floor.

Starla: Here’s a present for ya!

Andie: What the!

Edamame: Disgusting!  She should never come over again!


Then Andie stepped in it.

Andie: *squish* Oh no!


And it wouldn’t be a Food Family Legacy party if at least one person wasn’t in tears!

Edamame: This is why I stopped having children.

Frittata: Oh, I thought it was Jello.


Dan: Can someone please shut that kid up!


Selah: Stop crying already!

Dan: Iknowright?


Sabrina: *grumbles* Why do I come to these parties?!?!


Then Sabrina remembered she comes for the drama.

Sabrina: Who’s baby could it be? 

Edamame: OHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!  Lox has been a bad boy!

Frittata: You ever think it could be Hunter’s baby?

Edamame: No, never.


Candi was busy dreaming about love.


Mango must have some super strong pheromones.  All the ladies love him.


Honey: *lusting and staring*

Mango: *intense urge to run*

Frittata: If only she could feel that way about her husband…

Edamame: And where would the fun in that be? 


And because I was too busy watching all the other drama I missed the candles.  Here’s a derp shot.


Wasabi: ARRRRRGHLE!  Can we finally eat? I’m starving!


Makeover shot.

Edamame: She’s got Mango’s looks.  Perhaps she should be heir.  She’d have her pick of the menfolk.

Frittata: Menfolk?  What era are you from?

Edamame: Shut your hole!

Wasabi: When do I get a slice of cake?




Elissa took her slice and stood in front of the cake.  Wasabi started to panic!

Elissa: *sigh* Where should I sit?  I could stand I suppose…

Wasabi: OMG, lady!  Move out of the way!

Frittata: Elissa, the child is hungry!

Honey: Take your cake and sit down or get out of this house.

Candi: Oh, I think he touched my arm when he walked passed. 


Wasabi: MOVE!

Frittata: Come on!

Honey: MURDER!!!!

Candi: Where is he?  I must see him one more time.


Elissa finally decided to sit next to the birthday girl.  It may have been a mistake.

Lettuce: Uh, so hungry… Starving…

Edamame: She’s like a pig at the trough.  She keeps eating like that and she’s going to look like Icee before too long.


Elissa: So you like that cake, huh?

Lettuce: *mouth full* OMG, love it.  Sho good.


Elissa: Could you maybe keep the crumbs on your side of the table?  This is a new jacket.

Lettuce: *takes a giant bite* Shorry.  Sho hungry.

Edamame: Gross.  That child needs to go off to some manners boot camp.  Orrrrrrrrrrr boarding schoooooool???

Frittata: Oh stop, she was just hungry.


As the party started to come to a close Honey cornered Mango.

Honey: Heya, dija notice I wore a new perfume?


Honey: Do ya like et?

Mango: *whispers* Help me.  Save me.

Frittata: Ehh?


Honey: How ‘bout a hug?

Mango: What? No!

Frittata: Thanks for the water, Mango.

Edamame: Please tell me you did that on purpose?

Frittata: Did what?


She just can not take a hint!

Edamame: Something huge is going to happen.  I can feel it!  I kinda hope Peach teaches honey a thing or two.


The party was hit.  Shocking since only two people had cake slices and there was poop on the floor.


After the party Lox and Raina went back to the cabin for the night.  Raina told Lox she was carrying his child.


Frittata: Their child will be beautiful.


They both ready pregnancy books all night.


Or did they?

Frittata: Oh, let’s hope they didn’t.

Edamame: *gasp* You agree with this?

Frittata: Why wouldn’t I?  Miller was married when we met.

And that is the last of the pictures I had of my prior save.  Next update will hopefully be a bit longer.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.  Keep simming!


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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11 Responses to Chapter 101: 12 Hours is a Long Time

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  2. selahgio says:

    Edamame is still a trip. I’m fighting not to fill her ego. And that guy on the streets of Riverview, looks like a chubby MC Hammer. I guess losing all his money, kind of hit him hard.. Honey needs to calm down, and go for a walk or something! Oh God crying is an excellent way for the guest to leave. And Lettuce looks like a cutie. And oh God Edamame’s use of “Menfolk” I’m using that now.. Poor Mango, I don’t think Honey is going to stuck until she can sleep with Mango. I mean I can’t blame the ladies for going after him. He’s cute D: I want to see Lox and Raina’s baby! *-* Maybe he can finally divorce Honey. Great chapter. I need to read MOAR.

  3. skehrer says:

    I don’t know what I am going to do with Honey. She just doesn’t like her husband anymore. And I agree, poor Mango. Maybe he should take some self defense classes.

  4. Senny Paine says:

    Geez, i have missed reading the foods! It’s been so long that I finished the Caldos while you were gone! O_O

  5. Raegan says:

    Oh my gosh I missed this. I know how big of a pain computer problems can be and reinstalling isn’t fun, I’ve had my share of that too. I’m so glad you decided to come back though and I’m still here and ready to read the rest of the legacy!

  6. YumYum says:

    Welcome back! I know how you feel; I’m having my own computer problems right now.

  7. missmiserie says:

    The return of the Foods! With the babies on the way, I can’t wait to see the future hostility Honey and Raina are going to have for each other over Lox! Unless Honey just doesn’t care anymore, Mango does have the booty.

    • skehrer says:

      Honey is a mystery to me. She wants nothing to do with her husband and everything to do with Mango. At first it was really frustrating, but now I’m just going with the flow and it’s fun. I love that Honey wanted a girl and got a boy!!!

  8. FoodsLover4Lyfe xD says:

    hi (: I’ve been reading your legacy since 3 months (I’ve found it from a fun-legacy-blogs post on ts3 forum i guess)and im now hungry for MORE! omg im so very in love with all the drama that Edamame spits out! she is so funny haha.. I hope u update soon (not trying to push on u or something.. update when u feel like it ^^).. um I just wanted to know if there is any way that u can link me to peach’s previous hair bc i do love it so much (: thnx in further. p.s I prefer raina over honey :3 another p.s for mango: run for your life.. RUUUN! haha you really know how to thread the storylines.

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