Want to use my Sims in your game.  Download them here.  Download the file and place it in your SavedSims folder.


Edamame  Exchange  MediaFire

Generation 2

 Barley Exchange  MediaFire

Icee (Beatriz Erwin) Exchange  MediaFire

Cupcake Exchange  MediaFire

Kale (Sedrick Goth) Exchange  MediaFire

Jello Exchange  MediaFire

Generation 3


Ginger Exchange  MediaFire

Ginger’s CC: Outfit (#155), Hair

Haggis (Dewayne Hart) Exchange  MediaFire

Haggis’ CC: Hair

Kit Kat  Exchange  MediaFire

Kit Kat’s CC: TopBottoms (#186)

Escargot (Larson Hart) Exchange  MediaFire

Zucchini Exchange  MediaFire

Zucchini’s CC: Hair

Generation 4

Nutmeg Exchange  MediaFire

Nutmeg’s CC: Top (#123), Bottoms (Skinny Rock & Republic Jeans), Eyeshadow (Romance), Bracelets (#8)

Nouget (Jon Kerr) Exchange  MediaFire

Nouget’s CC: Top, Bottoms (Jeans Prps Barracuda), Shoes

Sundae Exchange  MediaFire

Sundae’s CC: Hair, Top (donationset_2010_05), Eyeshadow (Romance), Bracelets (#7)

Frito (Solomon Rouse) Exchange  MediaFire

Frito’s CC: TopBottoms (Jeans Prps Barracuda)

Brie Exchange MediaFire

Generation 5

Alfalfa Exchange  MediaFire

Alfalfa’s CC: Top (Affliction Long Sleeve)

Apricot Exchange  MediaFire

Apricot’s CC: Top (Dr. Pepper), Bottoms (Boyfriend Jeans), Hair

Budweiser (Derik Wallas) Exchange  MediaFire

Kiwi Exchange  MediaFire

Kiwi’s CC: Top, Bottoms, Shoes (right column second from top), Eyeshadow

Nutella Exchange MediaFire

Nutella’s CC: Hair

Butter Exchange  MediaFire

Butter’s CC: Outfit (donationset_2010_04)

Anise Exchange  MediaFire

Anise’s CC: Top, Bottoms (Versace Leather Pant), Shoes (Dr. Pepper)

Generation 6

Gouda Exchange MediaFire

Gouda’s CC: HairBottoms (Skinny Rock & Republic Jeans), Eyeshadow (Romance), Blush (Cheeky v1), Lipstick (Smooth Shine)

Frittata Exchange  MediaFire or 4Shared *NEW*

Miller (Lars Creeper) Exchange MediaFire

Miller’s CC: Top, Bottoms

Juice Exchange MediaFire

Bonita Newton Exchange MediaFire

Bonita’s CC: Outfit, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner (Sweet), Blush (Swoop), Lipstick, Eyebrows

Strawberry Exchange  MediaFire

Strawberry’s CC: Eyeliner (Elegant), Blush (Cheeky v1), Lipstick

Raspberry Exchange  MediaFire

Raspberry’s CC: Top, Bottoms (Armani Style Straight Leg), Eyeshadow (Romance), Blush (Swoop), Lipstick (Smooth Shine)

Steak Exchange  MediaFire

Steak’s CC: Top (Flutter Riffs), Hair

Generation 7

Peach Exchange MediaFire

Peach’s CC: Outfit, Hair

Mango Exchange MediaFire

Mango’s CC: Top, Bottoms, Shoes

Lox Exchange MediaFire

Bon Bon Exchange MediaFire

Other’s Around Town

Let me know if there are any other’s of interest in my town and I will try to get them uploaded for you.

My Sim Self Exchange  MediaFire

Sarah’s CC: Hair

My Husband Exchange MediaFire

Bunny Sparkle Exchange  MediaFire

Bunny’s CC: Top, Bottoms, Hair, Eyeshadow

Justine Creeper Exchange MediaFire

Justine’s CC: Outfit, Eyeshadow

Nate Creeper Exchange MediaFire

Samantha Creeper Exchange MediaFire

Samantha’s CC: Hair

Steven Bronx Exchange  MediaFire


5 Responses to Downloads

  1. Joe Schmoe says:

    Do you mind if I use your simself in my town?

  2. skehrer says:

    Please do. Torture at will!

  3. Joe Schmoe says:

    *laughs manically, rubbing hands together, shuffles off in bunny slippers*

  4. Laurelstream says:

    Some of your links aren’t appearing as links such as Apricot’s top, Lox, and Bon Bon.

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