Halloween Costumes

In response to were I got my Halloween Costumes from all information is here instead of a giant comment reply.

One thing to note is I unlocked hidden outfits to make some of these.


Frittata/Quorra: The only CC on Fritty was her hair.  Link: Hair

Leroy/Sim Clause: Both his hair and outfit are free downloads from The Store. Links: Hair  Outfit 

Mango/Frankenstein’s Monster: Has custom skin, makeup, hair and shoes from the store.  The hair is free.  Links: Skin  Makeup  Hair  Shoes

Lettuce/Salad: Default pattern with colors changed.


Bonita/Cleopatra: Everything but the dress came with World Adventures.  The dress is available through Dr. Pepper.  Link: Dress

Bon Bon/Cheerleader: I can’t remember correctly, but I believe the cheerleader outfit was unlockable.  Nothing on Bon Bon is CC.

Megan/Hello Kitty:  Overalls came with Pets, her socks are base game.  Her shoes are from The Store, everything else is CC.  Links: Hair  Earrings  Whiskers  Shoes 

Raina/Slutty Witch: All but the gloves and shoes are CC.  Links:  Hair  Dress  Stockings


Raspberry/Alice:  Hair is from Ambitions, dress is from Dr. Pepper and the shoes and tights are base game.  Link:  Dress

Strawberry/Pirate: All from The Store and came with Barnacle Bay.


Brennan/Gentleman: I believe both his hair and outfit are from The Store.  Links: Outfit  Hair

Juice/Chef: All unlocked career clothing.

Kix/Powerpuff Girl (Bubbles): Everything came with the game, but the skirt. Link: Skirt 


Sabrina/Miller: All base game.

Bella/Jeannie: Bottoms are base game, top is Late Night(?) and hair is World Adventures.

Peach/Bride of Frankenstein: outfit and gloves are default.  Skin, makeup and leggings are CC.  Hair and shoes are from The Store.  Links:  Hair  Shoes  Skin  Makeup  Leggings


Jasmine Rice/Hooker: All CC, but her shoes and stockings.  Links: Dress  Bracelets  Hair  Earrings


Steak/Woody:  No CC.

Thor/Caveman:  All unlockable.

Pat/Major/Captain Tony:  All unlockable.


Lox/Washed up Rock Star: Outfit is unlockable (I changes patterns), hair is from The Store and tattoo sleeve, cigarette and black eyes are CC.  For his drugged out eyes I made the black eyes completely black and used the least opacity possible.  Links: Hair  Sleeve  Cigarette  Black Eyes

I think that’s everyone.  Let me know if someone was missed.  I will double check everything when I can get back into my game.


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