For All the Foodies

The Food Family is not ready to play yet.  Their house is still unfinished and I still want to drop some Simselves into town.

Edamame: It’s about time you’re back.  Do you know how long I have been waiting here?  About a freaking DECADE!

I’m ignoring you.


When I opened my old save file this is what I was greeted with.  That’s a floating floor and if you look closely you can see that children have melted into some of the adults.

Edamame: I knew that lot was cursed!  You never should have moved me on it.  It’s your fault I died in the prime of my life!  So youthful, so beautiful.  I still had a life to live!


Here is a closer look at what’s happened to Frittata, KoolAid, Mango and Wasabi.  It looks so painful.

Edamame: Great Will Wright!  That is the second scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

Okay I’ll bite.  What’s the first.

Edamame: Jello, of course.

Of course.


And kids, this is why you never leave a baby unattended.  Poor Jimica is about to be swallowed up by the lawn.  Has anyone ever seen Poltergeist?  This is it minus the skeletons.

And now I will take you to Riverview where I have moved the family for the last leg of this legacy.  I have only moved the household and select others to the new town.

Edamame: Please tell me you left those freaky berry twins in the other town!

Yes, Strawberry and Raspberry will live out the rest of their simlives in Sunset Valley.  We will hear no more of Raspberry’s crazy antics or poor Jasmin Rice’s daddy issues.  Riverview is a fresh town to taint with Food Blood.

Edamame: So who did you move to this town with the family?

Well, I moved Megan, Lox’s fiance.  Her name will be Honey when she marries into the family.  I tried three times in Sunset Valley to marry her in but she couldn’t merge with the house.  I moved one other person in, but that’s a surprise for later.

Edamame: All I am saying is it better not be you.  Because believe me, you’re simself is no great thing.

It’s not me, it’s someone else.  but let’s move on with the tour of the as yet unfinished house.


Here is a look at the house.  the front yard still needs something.  I’m not sure what.  I want to keep the open lawn for snow activities during the winter.  I may just put planters down the sides of the path.  Eh, I don’t know.  Suggestions are welcome!


This is the back of the house. I’m planning to put in a pool and grill back here too.


Now that you’ve seen the outside, let’s go in.

Edamame: This better not be one of those boring house tours.

Well I don’t have any simselves in the game right now so it will be a boring tour.  Why don’t you take a nap.  All that ranting you do must be tiring.  Besides, it looks like you could use some beauty sleep.

Edamame: *GASP* I’ll have you know I am naturally GORGEOUS!  I can stop traffic without even trying!  But maybe I could use a little refresher.  Zzzzzzz…

Finally!  On with the tour!


This is the view when you walk through the front door.  On the left is the sitting area/library.  And on the right is the TV/game area.  At the back of the house is the bar and dining and kitchen areas.


A close up look at the sitting room/library.  This area still needs some plants added in to make it more cozy.


Here is a look at the other side of the room.


And a close up of the TV/game area.  Check out that TV, it’s like having an IMAX theater right at home.


Another angle.  Again, it still needs some work to make it look lived in.


Here is look at both rooms from in front of the fireplace. As you can see the television is clearly visible. I hope it doesn’t take out a city block when it’s turned on. But then again, as long as the Food have a TV what do I care?


Here is another look at both room from in front of the monstrous TV.


To the right from the TV.  You can see the bar and the dining are.  And these stairs lead to the upper and lower floors, because that’s what stairs do.


A look back from standing at the bar.  I’m debating window treatment.  I’m not sure how nosey the neighbors are here in Riverview not to mention the paparazzi.  But I’ve used such dark wood that a lot of natural light would be great.  Suggestions?


Here is the bar.  That is Miller’s guitar over there, Frittata likes to keep a piece of him around.

Edmamae: Gross.  I suppose by the bar would be an appropriate place.

Shut it!

The door on the left leads to the first floor bathroom.  The door on the right leads to Frittata’s bedroom.  Miller’s guitar is by Frittata’s bedroom, the bar just happens to be there.


Inside look at the first floor bathroom.  I really like this bathroom so it will probably stay this way for game play.


As we exit the bathroom you can see the dining area and kitchen.  Careful not to fall into the stairwell!


This is Frittata’s bedroom.  I decided to do favorite colors in the bedrooms.  Fritty’s favorite is Turquoise, Miller’s was Spice Brown.

This room was white and turquoise before I decided to add Miller’s favorite color.  The picture hanging over the dresser doesn’t work for me anymore.


A look from the other side of the room.


Here is Fritty’s room before I made changes.


Back out into the main part of the house.  The door on the far side leads to the garage and to the immediate left is the outside play area/garden.


See?  I had to buy a Jelly Bean Plant even though it disappointed me.  No matter how many of those Harry Testy ate, he would not die!


As you step out the door you can see that the family has a new Cow Plant.  Bon Bon is taking an interest in gardening and insisted on having one.  You can also see the family orchard there.  We have one type of each tree.

Edamame; Cow Plant?!  Those things are dangerous!  I was eaten by one in the dawn of my youth!  You will regret having one!

You’re so overly dramatic, Edamame.  It will be fine.  I’m hoping it will eat the zombies and paparazzi that show up.


To the right we have the sunflowers and the greenhouse.


To the left is the play area with the swings, tree house and cow plant riders.


A look back and we will go through the green house.


When we enter the greenhouse the kitchen is off to the right through the area with the bush plants.


To the left is the area where the mushrooms are grown.


Here are the mushroom from another angle.


To the left of the mushrooms are the grapes.  The Foods have a nectary in the basement I plan to make use of.


Gotta get every angle.


As we make our way to the left again we see the tall plants.  There are empty planters in the back waiting for the egg, burger, steak and omni plants.


From this angle you can see the door we entered through.


Here are the bush plants again and the door we will take into the kitchen.


A look at the kitchen.  The family now has a deep fryer and ice cream maker in the kitchen.

Edamame: If Icee were still around she’d be camped out in the kitchen.

Would you leave her alone already.  She’s dead, just like you.

Edamame: Watch your mouth!


There’s a look at the dining area.


Here you can see the laundry area.


Not very impressive.  I need to put in some shelves still.


This is the garage.  The Food have some pretty nice cars this time.  Gotta show the new neighbors just who is sharing their town.


I don’t plan on having car trouble, but I like to be prepared.


Look a basketball hoop!  Now lets go upstairs.


This is the boring hall.  The door on the immediate right is the bathroom, the far right is Lettuce and Jimica’s room.  Next to that is Steak’s room and the one at the end of the wall is KoolAid and Wasabi’s room.  The door on the far left belongs to BonBon and the door here on the immediate left is Kix’s bedroom.


This is a look from the other side of the hall.  We are standing lext to Bon Bon’s door (right).  The door on the far right is Kix’s.  The one at the end of the hall belongs to Lox, soon to belong to Lox and Megan/Honey.  There is a door next to that on the left which is Peach and Mango’s room.  And the door we can clearly see on the left is the bathroom.  We will start there.


Okay, this is a black and white bathroom.


And a look back at the door.  I just realized I have forgotten to take toilet shot in the bathrooms this time.  Please forgive.


This is Peach and Mango’s room.  I think my little girls would really love this room, it looks like Barbie puked in here.  Peach’s favorite color is pink and Mango’s is turquoise.


Another angle.  I like pink, but this much pink…it makes me twitch.


On to Lox’s room.  His favorite color is green.  This room still needs a lot of work.  Megan/Honey’s favorite color is Hello Kitty so expect major changes to this room after she finally moves in.


From the other side.


This is Kix’s bedroom.  Trust me there is a reason for it to look so…unique.  This is one of the things I’ve been excited to get started on.


An the other angle.  Kix’s favorite color is yellow.


This is Bon Bon’s room, lilac is her favorite color.  At first I had Kix and Bon Bon sharing a room, but with my plans for Kix it just didn’t work out.  BTW I’m cheating and giving her her next trait.  (Oh, so naughty.) What can I say I’m a rule breaker.

Edamame: You’re a cheater.

Tom-ay-toe, tom-ah-toe.


Other view!


Kool Aid and Wasabi’s room.  Kool Aid’s favorite color is red and Wasabi’s is black.  This room makes me think they will enjoy death rock or punk music.  Either way I see ripped clothing, piercings and loud music in here.


Another view, and I want to jab things into my eyes.


Streak’s room.  You can see Cube over in the far corner, Cube seems to have spawned a mini-me.


I tried to keep Steaks room very similar to his old room in Sunset Valley.  He had to keep all of his treasure from his time travels.


And last, but not least is Lettuce and Jimica’s room; spice brown and yellow.


I can not wait for those new toddler objects that come with Aurora Skies!  I need them like I need the air I breathe!  i could put a play pen in each room and they could all have their very own walkers and never ever see their families AGAIN!!!!


The Spanish door leads to the nectary and nectar cellar.   The door on the left leads to the Portrait Room and there is a door way to our right leading to the collections room.  And the door behind us leads to the utility room.


Those are the nectar makers, every nectary needs at least one.


Those barrels are for aging the nectar.


These are the nectar racks for our bottled creations/collections.  As you can see the Foods have a lot of work ahead to fill up those racks.  This room still feels a bit empty to me and I may place a nectar tasting table in here.  hopefully I can fill those racks and more!


This is the collections room in here we have the gems, metals and I would have placed the bugs and butterflies in here too, but those were lost in the move.


Here is a close up of the shelves.


I’ve also kept all of the high value paintings.  I may find a place for some of these throughout the house, but if I can’t they will stay here.  It’s better than hanging in the garage.


This is the utility room.  This is where Steak will be until I let him move out.  We have the sculpting thing, the gem cutter and the inventing table.


And on this side we have the lab station and a shower/eye wash station in case of emergencies.  This room will also house the Time Travel Machine once I can have Steak build another.


This is the Portrait Room.  I’ve gone in order of entry into the house.

So that’s the house, it’s a work in progress.  Again, suggestions are welcome.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of this legacy house.


Just a Quickie!

Hey everyone, I’m still slowly getting back to my Legacy Family.  I’ve been using my Test Family (The Testys) to try out all the new expansion packs.  If you want to read about my test plays I post mini stories; usually 2-3 posts per expansion over on my other blog SKeher’s Sims Stuff.


Ahem… Is this thing on?

Hi everyone.  It’s been a while… a long while… again…  So sorry, I think I forgot how to type or something.  😦

It’s a new year and with the new year I am going to try to make more time for the sims.  And I am going to finish this LEGACY!  With that being said I need some help getting back into my game.  I would really appreciate some help from my readers (if I still have any).

Bon Bon won the heir vote, but I am really not sure what to do with her anymore.  And my house is so very very full.  I’m thinking I should move people out.  I’ve also been toying with the idea of moving my family to a new town, possibly Starlight Falls.  Anyone have any experience there?

It should be pretty obvious that I like to torture my sims a bit (ok, a lot).  Please post your suggestions/ideas for what I should do with my family.

And for those of you that have left unanswered comments ages ago.  I promise that is my next stop!

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Is This Thing On?

Heyyyyyy, it’s been… Too long…

I’m in the process of converting me downloads to Pet ready (yes, I am that behind). Once that is all done be prepared for more Food awesomeness!!!!

I know I can’t wait.


Halloween Par-tay!

It’s late, but it’s here.  (I’m having issues since installing Pets.  Surprised?  Me neither.)    It’s the Food Family Annual (?) Halloween Party!


For the party I used an alternate save file and moved the family to The Munster’s house which I found here at MTS.


Megan as Hello Kitty: Plumbawb!  Lawx yoo look foine!


Lox as a washed up rock star: Thanks, babe!

I changed Lox’s skin color for the party (also Frittata, Peach, Mango and Bon Bon).  The pirate on the left is Strawberry and Raspberry is Alice.

Edamame: Is it wrong that I think Lox looks hot?

Wow.  Um, yes.

Edamame: Really?  I don’t know what it is…  There’s something about his hair; I just want to run my hands through it.

I stopped listening after, ‘really’.


Maybe they should have come as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb?  Strawberry wanted to be Jack Sparrow, but this is the closest I could get.


Jasmine Rice came as a hooker.

Edamame: Buuuuuuuut.  Aren’t those her everyday wear?

Why, yes.  Yes, they are.


  Thor Jenkins as a caveman: Thor want woman.

Megan: Oh my Plumbawb!  Touch me and I will cut yoor *bleeeeeeeep* awf before my mawnin cawffee.


Raina came as a slutty witch.  She didn’t wear a hat because it would have messed up her hair.  Here she is pouting because Lox is talking to Megan.


No problem, Raina heads over to interrupt the conversation.

Thor: Thor have new woman?

Megan: *chomps gum* Doo et!

Raina: Eww, who smells like the backend of a zoo?


Lox: *pretends drunkenness*

Raina: *stares with fevered yearning*

Edamame: Are you sure he’s pretending to be drunk?  That looks pretty real to me.

His father was Miller.  I think he’s probably seen enough drunk to be able fake it.


What’s a man to do?


Sabrina came too.  Starla and Andie would have been here, but that bitch Bella murdered them.

Sabrina: Somebody better call the Fire Department.


Sabrina: Because I’m on FIRE!


Sabrina: AHHHHHHH!


Sabrina: AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Edamame: That’s a lame costume.

Her costume isn’t being on fire.  She came as Miller.

Edamame: Oh.  OH!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!  I love her costume.

That’s the single reason why Frittata isn’t joining us today.  She’s protesting.

Edamame: Awesome, we should have more Sabrina is Miller for Halloween pictures in every update!  Smile


Then she did the oddest thing and became this burning munchkin.

Sabrina: Where’s a pool when you need one?


She also tripped.

Edamame: Nevermind, she’s a freak.  Let’s have no more pictures of her.  Does anyone else feel like they need to shower?


Bella as Jeannie from I Dream of Jeanie: Oh Major/Captain Tony, I can make your every wish come true.


Pat as Major/Captain Tony:  Bella, you already have.

Edamame: Awwww *gags*


Of course Thor and Bella eventually find each other.

Thor: Thor want woman.


Bella: Bella want cash.

Pat: This ain’t really happenin’


Bon Bon’s a cheerleader (Orange and Black were my high school’s colors), Frittata is Quorra from Tron: Legacy and Wasabi is a bear.  (Why did I just type “brear” THREE time?  I’m suffering from pretzel fingers tonight.)

Edamame: Gross.  Frittata isn’t wearing a bra!  I am tankful this is not a video, I don’t think I could handle watching any jiggle.  I hope she at least used Band-Aids.

Don’t be gross, Edamame!  Besides, your family had to witness your nakedness.

Edamame: Had to WITNESS!?!  They were BLESSED with that vision.  And YOU’RE WELCOME!


Lettuce came as a salad.  Those aren’t cherries, they’re cherry tomatoes, m’kay?

Edamame: Yeah…right…

Peach is the Bride of Frankenstein and Leroy came as Sim Clause.

Leroy: Who’s gunna be the first to sit on ol’ Leroy’s knee?


Leroy: I jus’ want you to know time is money and I will be bangin’ some chicks tonight.


Everyone heads down to the party room in the basement.

Mango as Frankenstein’s Monster: Stop looking at my wife.

Leroy: Oh Lawd, this guy is creepy.


Mango really got into character.

Mango to Raspberry: Stop checking out my package.

Raspberry: I-huh…what?

On the left is Steak as Woody from Toy Story.


Peach enjoyed herself.

Leroy: *enjoys the view of Peach’s ass*

In the background Juice is a chef and Bonita is Cleopatra.


Leroy: *stares at Sabrina’s butt*

Sabrina: WTH, Leroy!  You had it and lost it.  This shop is closed.

Edamame: Ooo…  Leroy – 1 Sabrina – 0

Leroy: Nothin’ new there!

Sabrina: Have you looked in a mirror!?!

Edamame: Good point.  Leroy – 1 Sabrina – 1


Jasmine Rice: Hey, meet me by the tree in 10 minutes.

Leroy: Make it five.


Raspberry: *gasp* Did that man just come on to my son?

Steak: Argh!  There’s a snake in my boot!

Thor: This cave.  This cave…strange.


Raina: I curse you to grow hair.  The HAIR OF A BEAST!!!!!

Megan: Don’t make me laugh, Secret Circle.  Remove yoor finger from moy face or I’ll cut et awf and yuz et as a toothpeck.

Edamame: O.O I’m a little scared of Megan.

Me too.


Raina: You don’t deserve him!  He should be MINE!


Megan: Hold me back.  Someone beddah hold me back!

Bonita: This bitch is crazy.

Edamame: Look at her face!  I am never sleeping again!


Bon Bon: I’ll hold you back.

Megan: Don’t yoo touch me.  I .Will. Cut. Yoo!


Bon Bon: !!!


Raina: Hey you watch how you talk to her! 

Bon Bon: *instanly becomes Raina’s cheerleader*


Raina: *tries to slap the whiskers off Hello Kitty*

Leroy: Whoa, chick fight!


Bon Bon: *thinks Raina is da bomb*


Megan: *in an exorcist voice* Yoor going DOWN!

Raina: *is caught off guard*

Bon Bon: WHOA!

Kix as a Powerpuff Girl: What is going on?


Raina: Where is she?  Lemme at her, lemme at her!

Bon Bon: YES!  Kick. her. ass!

Bonita: *moves to corner*


It was over almost as soon as it began.  Megan threw Raina into the air and Raina gave everyone a panty shot.


Leroy: Panty Shot?  I need to be over there!


Megan: Take that, Betch!

Raina: *derps hard*

Leory: Crap, I gotta git to that tree.

Edamame: Isn’t Hello Kitty supposed to be cute and nice?  Kinda ironic that Megan likes her because she so… not…


Bon Bon: This isn’t over.

Megan: Yoo wanna be next?

Peach: *waits for Megan to try and touch her sister*

Edamame: She must be crazy.  Doesn’t she know Bon Bon wants to be a vampire?  I don’t think I would be making enemies with her.


Raina: They’ve all seen what you’ve done.


Raina: Oh yes, they’ve all seen what you’ve done.


Raina: And now, they will never trust you!

Edamame: *stunned to silence*

No?  Nothing from the Peanut Gallery?

Edamame: I’m taking notes.  She’s BRILLANT!  Can Lox please marry Raina and not Megan?

I know, I love Raina too!


And then Bon Bon slapped her on the ass


and tripped her.


Lox was looking to lighten the mood a bit.

Lox: Someone start some music.

Leroy: I really need to get to that tree.


Lox: YEAH!  WOOOOO!  Music, Let’s ROCK!

Leroy: Why can’t I move?  I need to get to that damn tree!


Bella: Has anyone seen my pocket rocket? 


Bella: Oh Lox could you come closer.  I think it may be in your pocket.

Raspberry: Say what?

Edamame: Did she not see what just went down between Raina and Megan?


Bella: Yes, just a little closer.


Bella: Closer…

Raspberry: Oh Lord…


Bella: YES!  YES!  There it is, I’ve had it all along!

Raspberry: *slowly moves away*

Strawberry: *stares with distain*

Juice: *puts fist through Bella’s stomach*


Strawberry: Anyone else smell that?


Raspberry: Oh, sorry.  I didn’t think it would be noticeable.

Edamame: How disgusting.  There must be something wrong with her.

Maybe it’s the Stu Surprise. 


Bella: It’s okay, nothing is going to ruin this moment.  *whispers* Fresh batteries.

Edamamae: UGH, What a nasty…  *bleeeeeeeeeep*


Brennan: That was you?  What did you eat?

Raspberry: Darling, of course it was.  I had to create a diversion.  It’s time for your meds.


Brennan: Right now? Are you sure?

Raspberry: Darling, you know how you get when you don’t take them on time.

Edamame: How’s that?  Sane?


Rapsberry: That’s a good boy.


Raspberry and Brennan: *gross make out sounds*

Leroy: *licks lips*


Later Megan notices Raina dancing with Lox.

Edamame: O.O Is that thought bubble for Raina or Lox?

Raina, by this point the two are mortal enemies.

Edamame: You have to invite Raina over more.


Raina is good at making Megan angry.

Raining: *thinking* Is he looking at my cleavage?  Please look at my cleavage.


Leroy: I can’t seem to leave this room and I really need to find a tree.

Frittata: There is a restroom down the hall, Leroy.  Don’t be such a caveman.

Thor: *grunts*


Bella: Now where did I put my other pocket rocket?


Sabrina: OMG, why did I come here?  These people are crazy!


Later that morning…

Edamame: Well, let’s just be happy it was her husband and not Leroy.

And I hate to end the party so abruptly, but these are all the pictures I have.  After a while everyone stopped doing anything.  They all just stood in one place going through their idle animations. 


I will leave you with this picture of the toughest cowgirls in the Wild West!  Yee Haw!


Generation 7 Heir Poll Results

Well, we have a clear winner!  Congrats, Bon Bon

It was a landslide.  Bon Bon won with 47% of the votes.


And there is a tie for spare so instead of double heirship the Foods will be having double spareship.  Yeah, it sounds dumb because it is.  No one is moving out of the house!  I can’t stand the thought of kicking Peach and her children out because I love Kool Aid and the gang.  I also want to explore more of Lox’s story with Meghan Montgomery.

What to expect?  Me and lots of frustration over the amount of sims in the house.  Peach and Mango will have at least one more child for Mango’s LTW.  Lox and Meghan have a wedding coming up.  And I have a Halloween Special planned. 

I don’t have Pets yet.  We started my daughter in preschool which means funds are low.  Hopefully I will get Pets for Christmas and we will see the Testys for a few updates then.

Update to come, first I need to find the time to play.  Hopefully this weekend.


Generation 7 Heir Poll

Are you ready for this?

Peach Food

Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Easily Impressed, Over-Emotional, Vehicle Enthusiast, Unflirty, Can Apprehend Burglar

LTW: Master Mixologist (achieved)



Lox Food

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Daredevil, Green-Thumb, Heavy Sleeper, Can Apprehend Burglar

LTW: Firefighter Super Hero



Bon Bon Food

Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Workaholic, Easily Impressed, Dislikes Children, Asian Culture, Can Apprehend Burglar


No profile yet


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