Family Profiles (Trading Cards)

We now have trading cards, thanks to Edamame’s fabulous idea.

Edamame: I told you I was a genius!  Did you know Windows 7 was my idea.

Of course it was…

Anyway, click the links below for the trading cards.  Collect them all!!!

The trading cards have a new look.  It was too time consuming to try and update them the way they were.  So now there is no fancy schmancy card, just the page.

Generation 1: Edamame Donut

Generation 2: Barley Icee Cupcake Kale Jello

Generation 3: Ginger Haggis KitKat Escargot Zucchini

Generation 4: Nutmeg Sundae Nouget Frito

Generation 5: Alfalfa Apricot Kiwi Nutella Butter Anise Budweiser Kung Pao

Generation 6: Gouda Frittata Juice Strawberry Raspberry Steak Miller

Generation 7: Peach Mango Lox Honey Bon Bon Jasmin Rice

Generation 8: Kix KoolAid Wasabi Lettuce


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