Budweiser Food (Derik Wallas)

(Generation 5, Spouse)

Download here


Hopeless Romantic, Charismatic, Green Thumb, Ambitious, Friendly


~ Favorites ~

Pop, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Yellow



~Lifetime Wish~

Leader of the Free World






1. Apricot 2. Gladys Food



Gouda, Joyce, Silvia, Osvaldo, Edwardo, Tamra



Gouda is Budweiser’s only child with Apricot.  Budweiser has three children with his mistress, Gladys Food: Joyce, Silvia and Osvaldo.  Budweiser has twins from a fling with his sister in-law, Anise: Edwardo and Tamra.  Campaign slogan: This Bud’s for you!  Divorced Apricot when she decided to have an affair.  Married Gladys after he move out of the Legacy House.

Points Earned: 3

Portrait, LTH (1), LTW



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