Edamame Food

(Generation 1, Founder)

Download here


Bookworm, Workaholic, Artistic, Family Oriented, Great Kisser


Classical, Pancakes, Hot Pink

~Lifetime Wish~

Professional Author




Donut (Conor Frio)


Barley, Cupcake and Jello


Signed up for the legacy without knowing what it was.  Survived on Slim Fast.  Tricked Donut in marrying her by faking a pregnancy.  Terrified of Jello and was convinced he was going to hurt her.  Had a school girl crush on Kale.  Convinced her legacy is going to end up being a legacy of incest.

Points Earned: 4

Generation, Portrait, LTW, LTH(1)


4 Responses to Edamame

  1. This is very cool but for your blog entry how did you get the symbols for traits, lifetime wants in your posting

  2. Selah says:

    I love how much detail you put in your blog. I never have the patience to put that much detail in my own Sims3 blog @_@!

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