Legacy Chapters

Welcome to the Food Family Legacy.  Click the links to read and enjoy.

Generation One

Chapter 1: In the Begining

Chapter 2: Just Another Day

Chapter 3: It Almost Happened

Chapter 4: The Hunt

Chapter 5: Gotcha

Chapter 6: Introducing Donut Food

Chapter 7: Home Sweet Home Maybe

Chapter 8: I Quit

Chapter 9: Age Ups and a Surprise

Chapter 10: Oh Dear God No

Chapter 11: Pregnant Again

Chapter 12: Playing the Field

Chapter 13: A Little Dose of Evil

Chapter 14: Dr. Evil

Chapter 15: Announcing Our Heir

Chapter 16: Breaking the News

Chapter 17: Two Birthdays and a Wedding

Chapter 18: In Coming

Chapter 19: Everybody Loves Jello

Chapter 20: Back in the Saddle

Chapter 21: Saying Good-Bye

Chapter 22: Life After Death

Chapter 23: Houston We Have a Problem

Chapter 24: In Memory Of

Generation Two

Chapter 25: Time Flies When You’re Crazy

Chapter 26: Neglect is a Crime

Chapter 27: Hot-cha-cha-cha

Chapter 28: Gorillas in the Mist

Chapter 29: Trash Who You Callin Trash

Chapter 30: Aftermath

Chapter 31: Sayonara See Ya Later

Chapter 32: Labor Pains

Chapter 33: Ever Heard of Knocking

Chapter 34: Two Birthdays and a Disaster

Chapter 35: Queen of Ice

Chapter 36: End of the Ice Age

Chapter 37: In Memory Of

Chapter 38: Over My Dead Body

Chapter 39: Good-Bye to You

Chapter 40: Donut Visits and Wishes He Hadn’t

Chapter 41: When Did That Happen

Chapter 42: Birthday 3x

Chapter 43: Spending Edamame’s Money

Chapter 44: Welcome

Chapter 45: And Now Back to Our Story

Chapter 46: In the Still of the Night

Chapter 47: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Chapter 48: Survey Says

Chapter 49: Crazy Talk

Chapter 50: Hit the Bottle

Chapter 51: Mrs Robinson

Chapter 52: Get a Room

Chapter 53: This is Just a Tribute

Generation Three

Chapter 54: A Real Wedding

Chapter 55: But…But…But…

Chapter 56: They Say It’s Your Birthday

Chapter 57: Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 58: Oops

Chapter 59: Another One Bites the Dust

Generation Four

Chapter 60: Theres a New Sheriff In Town

Chapter 61: Gone

Chapter 62: The Birthday Edition

Chapter 63: Honeymoon In France

Chapter 64: An Heir and A Spare

Chapter 65: Bad News Bears

Chapter 66: Those Were the Days

Chapter 67: Travelin Man

Chapter 68: China Girl

Chapter 69: Father Death

Chapter 70: China

Chapter 71: The Rest of the Story

Chapter 72: What Happens in Egypt Stays in Egypt

Chapter 73: Responsibility

Chapter 74: Waiting

Chapter 75: Chapter 75

Chapter 76: Burning Love

Chapter 77: Even Steven

Chapter 78: End of the Affair

Generation Five

Chapter 79: Rockabye Baby Baby Baby Baby

Chapter 80: Why Are You Hitting Yourself?

Chapter 81: Moving On Up!

Chapter 82: Love and Marriage

Chapter 83: Chapter 83

Chapter 84: There’s a Tear in My Beer

Chapter 85: She’s Leaving Home

Generation Six

Chapter 86: The Age of Aquarius

Chapter 87: Just Push Play

Non Chapter: House Tour

Chapter 88: Daddy’s Little Girl

Chapter 89: Such is Mango

Chapter 90: Born on the Fourth of July

Chapter 91: OMG an Update!?!

Chapter 92: A Double Birthday

Chapter 93: It Burns

Chapter 94: The Bachelor

Chapter 95: Halloween Par-tay!

Chapter 96: Get Married Already!

Chapter 97: Something Goes Here

Chapter 98: Recycle Style

Chapter 99: Almost 100

Chapter 100: Centennial

Chapter 101: 12 Hours is a Long Time


15 Responses to Legacy Chapters

  1. Pingback: Chapter Six « The Legacy of Angels

  2. simsninja says:

    your legacy is really good! you have deffo inspired me to do my own!

  3. dizzydor says:

    So it took me two days but I finally got caught up on all the drama that is the Foods, can’t count how many times I nearly cried giggling or had a wait how does the family tree go now haha. Great job!!

  4. watchung123 says:

    Hey!!! I FINALLY finished reading your AMAZING legacy(It took me like three hours though…O.0). I am officially hooked. I CANT WAIT TIL CHAPTER 86. Play on!!!

    • skehrer says:

      Awesome, So glad you’re enjoying my legacy! I was hoping to have another post this weekend, but I just bought Outdoor Life so… Maybe not… But I have a really good one in the works. Promise!

  5. Selah says:

    I am really enjoying your legacy! Keep up the good work :3 Your name theme has inspired me also.

  6. LeighAnna Jones says:

    Well, I’ve been hesitant to buying this game and since Facebook recently created their version of it, I thought, “Why not?” So currently I have a rip-off Sim and a crappy legacy that I’m hoping to continue when I buy the PC Game.

  7. Mooey says:

    I really enjoy reading your legacy, and Edamamme’s comments are always very funny 😀

    I have a question though – you know how you seem to get popups in game saying that, for instance, a family member is married or has had a child? Well I’d like to know whether they just popup automatically, come in the newspaper or whatever. It’s just I really like to know what’s going on with my sims’ family around Sunset Valley but the popups never appear. 😦

  8. Bill Delgado says:

    I think I’m giving Pets a miss. I’ve read too many horror stories about it messing up people’s games (and in some cases, computers). I have all the mods I want and they work fine, and I don’t want to mess with that.

    Plus I am pretty broke right now, so no new games for me.

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